Ed Orgeron v. Steve Sarkisian

Photo/Image of Sport-USA Today

Photo/Image of Sport-USA Today

Assuming Justin Wilcox and Tosh Lupoi eventually join the USC coaching staff, who ultimately would have the better coach staff, Ed Orgeron or Steve Sarkisian?

For example, Wilcox v. Clancy Pendergast? Johnny Nansen v. Tommie Robinson? Tee Martin v. Tee Martin. Clay Helton v. . . .  Sarkisian? You make the call.

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  • rusoviet

    Read Mike Waldner’s column in today’s (13th Dec. 2013) Torrance Daily Breeze on Haden and Sarkisian – it’s a lot better than this speculative blog –

    • Saul Goodman

      Thanks for the recommendation. Good read

      • Goatboy Kiffin

        BS … garbage read. So Suckisian is a better guy than Kiffin big deal. He is just as dumb

    • Helen

      Great read – thanks.

      Worth noting is the last line in the article ” Dan Hawkins was 53-11 in five years as Boise State football coach. He was 19-39 in five years as Colorado coach. This tells you Chris Petersen is not a lock to be a success with his move from Boise State to Washington.”

      • TrojanFan2.0

        When you’re playing cupcakes every week the wins start to add up!

  • Brad Hutchings

    Tee Martin beats Tee Martin.

  • Isaiahdolan

    It all comes down to this; Will Sarkisian turn USC into a great team that is a contender for the BCS Championship or not. Give him no more than three years to find out.

    • Goatboy Kiffin

      what do you think .. that big talking turd is a fraud

      • Joe Blow

        And you know everything. Idiot.

      • Wisdom

        You mean the fraud known as Myles “THE HYPE” Jack and his 268 yards of TOTAL OFFENSE FOR THE ENTIRE SEASON? Jonathan Franklin must be pissed right now with all you troll blowhards….

  • Sportsblab Jones

    Less filling! No, wait — tastes great!

  • jetman624

    Clay seemed to struggle to get the offense moving in big games. I think he would have had to go eventually. The rest are a toss up.

  • LamontRaymond

    Tough for the fans who aren’t at practice to know. What do you think, Wolfie?

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    answer … they both s*ck sh*t

  • Beto Torrealba

    What a stupid question. This is a big-city newspaper, right? Thanks for the tip, ruso!

    • TrojanFan2.0


  • B.Miller

    Clancy P- Defense (based off experience,but Wilcox is still young and doing very well.)
    Nansen / Robinson (toss up, UW has had many 1000+ yard rushers)
    Tee Martin – ALL DAY!
    Sarkisian and his offensive mind 1000% over Helton and Kiffin

  • Helen

    Assuming pigs could fly, then we could pull bacon from the sky.

    Last I checked, Orgeron doesn’t have a staff – he quit in a huff on the verge of the bowl game.

  • Independent_George

    OK, I’ll bite

    Pendergast v. Wilcox: Draw/Wilcox. Clancy gave up record yards in ASU loss, almost tanked against Arizona, had to rely on a Tommy Rees injury to stop ND and could not figure out Mazzone/Hundley. Did fix a terrible defense, but then Monte Kiffin should have retired five years ago. Clancy is not a very good recruiter. Clancy should go back to the NFL, Don’t think with same talent Wilcox would be worse, and he is a better recruiter.

    Orgeron/Jenkins vs Lupoi: Slight edge to Orgeron, although Lupoi isn’t a slouch.

    Eckler vs. Sirmon: Eckler/Sirmon seem interchangable.

    No coach vs. Heyward: Heyward.

    Summers & Cregggggggggg vs. Todd Washington/anybody else: You watched the games. The corpse of George Halas would be an improvement.

    Baxter vs. ???: Baxter allegedly changed the culture towards academics for the better (though it really couldn’t get worse) but as for on-the-field results, USC special teams did not win any games and specifically cost them two games (WSU, ND). ??? wins.

    Tommie Robinson vs. Johnny Nansen: Nansen helped produce two solid RBs with Brennan Carroll cast-off Chris Polk and Bishop Sankey. For all of Kennedy Polamalu’s “USCishness,” running game and running backs were objectively better under Tommie Robinson. Draw.

    Sark’s new up tempo offense vs. Lane Kiffin’s playbook: If Sark ran the single wing, it would be an improvement over Lane’s bloated and out-of-date NFL playbook. Sark wins.