Recruiting Weekend: Loyola Offensive Tackle Chris Brown Visits

Offensive tackle Chris Brown from Loyola High School will visit USC this weekend. Defensive end Don Hill of Boise will also visit. Hill decommitted from Washington this week but was also told by new coach Chris Petersen he could not visit the Huskies this weekend, so it appears as though Petersen did not want a prospect from his former backyard.

Steve Sarkisian offered Hill a scholarship to USC on Tuesday. Hill missed most of this season after tearing his right Achilles’ tendon.

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  • rusoviet

    This is going to be a dog fight – Chris Brown i.e. Kennedy Polo was w. Loyola HS this past year prior to Mora bringing him on board for the Bruins. The point counter-point is about to emerge. Let’s all enjoy the fracas!

    • Cheap seats

      Pola will appeal to Islanders. Especially in the South Bay/Long Beach area, the somoans and tongans always need a look.

      • TrojanFan2.0

        Good point!

        • Cheap seats

          We need to counter and get our own Islander.

          Is Duce Latui still playing? =)

        • HeySUCs


          • TrojanFan2.0

            LOL!…at you, not with you!

  • Cheap seats

    Build the trenches FIRST, Sark! Don’t be like your buddy Kiff and focus too much on the skilled 5 star guys!

    • Fred Sampson

      Exactly !! And that is how Stanford built their teams and it appears Jim Mora and UCLA are doing the same thing. It amazes me that some of these high priced Coaches don’t realize that if you control the line of scrimmage you can pretty much run any type of offense you desire and be very successful .

      • Cheap seats

        Unfortunately, coach O was also a “trenches guy” and I believe that emphasis has shown that it can negate Xs and Os.

  • Fred Sampson

    I’m sure Kennedy Polamalu and UCLA have the inside track for Chris Brown if they have room for another Offensive linemen . Polamalu was one of his High School Coaches, and Adrian Klemm is one of the best Offensive line Coaches in College Football, and not to mention a top recruiter also.

    • FightON

      I was just going to say this. Pola was brought in as a pipeline to Loyola. Apparently his kids go/went there, if reports are correct.

      • Spedjones

        don’t worry, he’s always been a Trogan and will remain one. UCLA focus is elsewhere this year, while SC really hitting the OL hard (rightfully so).

  • rusoviet

    Man you have to wonder what is going on in Kennedy Polo’s mind right now – regardless of the shameless way that Kiffin fired him he’s still a Trojan and now he’s a ‘bruin?

    Papadakis stated when Kiffin fired him that it was “….the final self-inflicted wound by Kiffin!” – took another 9+ mos. but it proved what an insecure fool Kiffin was.

    Recruiters have to make the case as to why their school is better than the opposition – gotta be tough to run Troy down over and over – has to take a toll regardless of where Polo is in ‘closing the deal’.

    Thank the Lord that Kiffin was fired – the entire team would be heading for the sewer line if he’d been allowed to stay even assuming (big assumption) we garnered a bowl under his control.

    • ProbationU

      I don’t think that running another school down is particularly effective. I know that some schools use negative recruiting but I doubt that SC and UCLA recruit negatively. Both schools have positive things to sell. Polamalu has worked at UCLA before and is married to a Bruin. I do expect a battle for recruits…something that UCLA’s previous coaches were unable to do…compete.

      • HeySUCs

        UCLA doesn’t need to go negative on SUC because SUCUDub FB program negativity is self evident – UCLA 35 – suc 14.

        • Walt Hazzard

          The coach was fired and most have moved on.. it’s history I thought you hated history? Yesterday SUC_LA

      • rusoviet

        Read the above post – Kiffin did and let’s not even talk about Neuheisel unknwn antics based on his shenanigans at that UCLA mens basketball game halftime spectacle his first year there.

    • Cheap seats

      If you know Kiffin’s history, he tried the same thing when he was with the Raiders.

      I don’t know if it was a personality thing or if he just wanted to bring in his dad, but he fired Rob Ryan during his 2nd offseason.

      It was a slap in Kiffin’s face when Al Davis overruled him and Ryan stayed on staff. Imagine how awkward that was for both of them for the next few weeks. Of course, Kiffin was fired at week 4 that year.

      Now that I think of it, the last season with Kiffin has eerie parallels with his previous firing during midseason!

      • rusoviet

        A friend related that Kiffin’s arrogance @ Bosco was all over the southland ex. First call to a potential recruit “Yes, it is true this is Coach Kiffin – now you have 90 seconds to take our scholarship offer or I’m gone!”

        That story ESPN ran yesterday on his mocking potential So Carolina recruits rather than come to TN was telling “…if you go to So. Carolina all you’ll do the rest of your life is pump gas!”

        Imagine one more year with the disaster Lane Kiffin in control of this program? Typical awful boss – suck up to his upper mgmt. (AD, big donation people) and grinds his foot into line personnel – (assistant coaching staff, players, office personnel, high school coaches…)

  • B.Miller