USC Morning Buzz: State Of Program Week Before Las Vegas Bowl

Here’s my story on where things stand for USC a week before the bowl with two coaching staffs, an interim coach and Steve Sarkisian waiting in the wings.

Excerpt: “Perhaps the only question is whether the turmoil will cause USC to be ambushed by an 11-1 Fresno State team that wanted to go to a BCS bowl and would love nothing more than to upset the Trojans, who are six-point favorites.”

Full story here

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  • TrojanFan2.0

    “State Of Program Week Before Las Vegas Bowl” through the eyes of the wolfman!… WOW!…..I feel so privileged to have access to this blog


    • HeySUCs

      Toejam 2 – Non sequitur ad infinitum. Why are your eyes so close? Do you feel privileged to have Chihuahua eyes?

      • Wisdom

        I literally just got dumber reading trail mix’s gay alter ego post this stuff… HeySUCme, try Ebonics next time….

  • Helen

    All old news.

    • TrojanFan2.0


  • David Stewart

    Whew! I can rest easy now. Thanks to a second rate journalist I now know everything I need to about the football program.

    • TrojanFan2.0

      Exactly!…..That’s why waste bucket has so much respect for the guy!

  • Wisdom

    I’ll save the troll speed jones the trouble: Woot, Bamm, Bang, Boom, Weee, Duhh, whatever….

    • TrojanFan2.0

      I think Bucket had a doctors appointment today. I hope so, the guy needs to do something.

  • Helen

    For a better article check out the LA Times piece by Gary Klein.

    • gotroy22

      Where would we be without you rah rahs directing us away from here?

      • TrojanFamily

        Or with you the Wolf rah rah begging us to stay.

  • tostevinUSC

    Going to watch the first half anyway. the second half is up to the team. I have family in Vegas but I’m not sure I’ll drive three hours to see an uninspired bowl game

  • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

    How in the world did pUSC open as 6-point favorites against Fresno State? Carr is going to make minced-meat of pUSC’s secondary.

    • Wisdom

      Better question: How could a grown man look himself in the mirror when he’s a SUCLA fan who spends his time trolling SC blogs? It’s one notch below a gay voyeur hanging out at an adult book store hoping to catch someone masturbating in a peep show booth….

    • TrojanFan2.0

      Ask Mr, Mannion how that turned out?

      FIGHT ON and TROLL ON!

  • B.Miller

    Definitely not interested in reading your “story”.. Its all opinionated or copy and paste details from real journalist..