Chris Brown Commits To USC

Loyola offensive tackle Chris Brown committed to USC this afternoon. It’s a big commitment because of USC’s lack of depth (and talent) along the offensive line. Brown is considered the top offensive tackle in the state by some. He also considered Oregon.

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  • Toejam For Life

    Obviously, he didn’t want to compete so he chose SuC!

    • Joe Blow

      Not really, he just didn’t want to go to a school where all the new recruits had their families in JAIL.

      • Toejam For Life

        Obviously, he hasn’t looked who Sarkiffen has recruited in the past at SuC and at UDub! Those police blotters are rather lengthy!

        • Joe Blow

          List ’em please.

          • Toejam For Life

            Josh Shirley and Jenkins at UDub! Plus, he was around during the “we own the police era” at SuC!

          • Joe Blow

            I wouldn’t call 2 lengthy. Care to list the fucla thugs?

    • FightON

      Wait…but didn’t you guys hire Pola to snag him? Someone’s sour tonight, lulz.

      • ProbationU

        Didn’t bring Pola in to sign him, People assumed he would go to UCLA because if Pola coaching at Loyola. Not a huge surprise. These kids want to play early these days and UCLA is deep AND young on the OL. The opportunity to play OT is better at SC, Not using the old, “he didn’t want to compete” BS,…just wanted to go to a good school with an opportunity to play early.

        The opportunity to play early in Westwood is at running back. SC is loaded with Allen, Davis and Madden. Kind of the reverse scenario. Bruins need RB’s and Trojans need OL.

        UCLA is backing away from Mama for 2 reasons. First, it seems he is leaning strongly to SC and secondly, concerned about his weight. He may be up to 380 lbs as of now and after one year will be leaving on a Mormon mission for 2 years. He may eat himself out of a job.

        • FightON

          Mama is probably going to BYU. I’d be shocked if he went elsewhere. He was just interviewed about his last two visits and he said for sure one will be BYU. Plus, as you said, many scouts are worried about his weight and several said he needs to see a nutritionist like yesterday.

          Mama is used to his size differential just as Marqise gets comfortable because of his speed. There are two problems with this: the first, as you said, is, at some point, it is just massively unhealthy to be that big and his stamina will suffer especially in an uptempo offense. Second, as Marqise is learning and will learn at the next level, is as you start moving up to higher levels in football, you are getting the best of the previous level – there are less mismatches like the other day when Mama was battling a kid that was probably 180lbs. Mama will then have to prove skills beyond size.

        • FMUSC81

          Sounds like an excuse of pre-emptive defeat if he comes to USC!!! considering in the Past fUcla had OL lineman come in and go on a Mormon Mission…. as for his weight Audrey Walker …another 5 star recruit came in at 380 lbs and we got his 6’6″ frame down to 325 before the start of his freshman year started …. so getting a guy in shape and developing a boy into a Man is what we do at USC…. i guess the same can’t be said for fUcla.

        • Toejam For Life

          So, you are saying that he didn’t want to compete for early playing time…

        • gotroy22

          Where will the Mormons get a bicycle strong enough to hold him while he wheels around town during his mission?

          • WEB_Dupree

            Hate to admit it, but I laughed at that one…

        • Saul Goodman

          Please stop. This post is far too reasonable for my taste

          • FightON

            It doesn’t take much to impress the mentally challenged.

          • Saul Goodman

            I’m not a UCLA troll Einstein. I’m an SC fan and alum who thought your denying Stanford claim was either unwise or lame (if it was a lie). Get over it or keep picking on the “mentally challenged.” Your choice

          • FightON

            Aw. You mad, bro?

            Stick to your soccer blogs. The men over there like you on your knees.

      • Trogan Fan

        Spedjones, or Stu Azole, I forget which one, said this commit would occur. Told you Trogans not to worry, at least about this. They know more than you think.

        • TrojanFamily

          Chuckles, did you forget which login you used to post?

        • FightON

          Oh, does Chuckles have multiple personality disorder? How sad.

  • gillyking

    Really hopeful to get Damian Mama in this class too!

    • Helen

      Agree. USC would then have a complete OL for the future.

  • Arturo

    The way this dude rose in the recruiting rankings after just four games really shows how recruiting isn’t an exact science. Awesome pickup.

  • Rivals says this kid sleeps with a night light.

    • TrojanFan3.0

      Hey Scott, your cover has been blown. Why do you troll the blog from both ends? Show a little respect or leave. Everyone is tired of your BS. If you’re looking for hits then post something worth reading, thanks!

  • barry1817

    will be interesting to see how SC recruits, and how with sanctions gone, they will have sufficient talent for practices and games.

  • FMUSC81

    Wow… the University of Crying Little A-HOLES …Must be crying conspiracy on this one…. I mean our New World Order must have made a clone and have the real Chris Brown tied up with his fUCLA signed letter of intent… It has nothing to do with the fact that the kid just wanted to be a Trojan!!! and not a bRuin!!! Wait …. I know Pola is a Mole and he’s at UCLA to cripple the program as it’s just about to make it’s move and Vote it’s self National Champion after it’s big time win in the prestigious upcoming Sun Bowl !!!!

    • Toejam For Life

      Much more prestigious than the Las Vegas Bowl!

      • FMUSC81

        Agree like 11 national championships compared to 1 from …..59 years ago… or like 46-30-7 against fUClA… Or like I don’t know 24 Rose bowl wins compared to wow … I actually feel bad for you guys ….5 Rose bowl wins… we actually have ten more wins in one bowl compared to your entire win total in all bowls… Man… no wonder you guys are bRuins… I would be too if my numbers looked like that….Why post smack …you guys are like a Big Punching bag.

      • TrojanFamily

        Hey, I’m proud of UCLA for making the Sun Bowl. Making a mid-tier bowl in El Paso should get their coach an extension and a raise. Of course, USC fans wanted their coach fired for making this bowl (and those fans were right, Kiffin should have been fired. But what can I say..different expectations.

        • FMUSC81

          Yup Different Expectations indeed… I guess that’s why they hate us so much ….to actually strive for and achieve greatness …shame on us !!!

  • B.Miller