• Wisdom

    Two shocking revelations: (1) SC has more players on this team than SUCLA (hahahaha), and (2) No Myles “the hype” Jack on offense? Tragedy in troll land. Go Sun Bowl!!!!

    • Wisdom

      Wow, no trolls have responded yet? Uh-oh, too hard to formulate comebacks to the irrefutable facts or too busy licking each other, errrr, I mean their wounds?

  • Jack B

    Calling all trolls! Calling all trolls! Ucla dissed big time by ESPN. Come on. Let’s hear it for the little gutties getting little guttied yet again. Where’s the respect man?

    • Spedjones

      LOL. Just look at the actual All-American teams and then let’s discuss. UCLA wins. Oh, 35-14! BOOM!

      • B.Miller

        What is the “Actual” All-American Team? Where is that located? Is that what its called. THE “ACTUAL ALL-AMERICAN TEAM”. They are all opinionated and in ESPN’s opinion.. UCLA SUCKS!
        Just saying…

      • Jack B

        Poor little gutties. Best team by far this entire century and you’re still not close to top 10 and not even the Pac-12 champ. Last conference championship? So long ago, I can’t remember. Last national championship? 1953 – a whopping 60 yrs ago. Most of us weren’t born. Congrats on 35-14. We’re bad this year thanks to the NCAA. But thanks for proving another Trojan reality! Everything the little gutties do revolves around USC. Always has. Always will. Just ask ESPN, Game Day, SI, Sporting News, rah, rah, rah! Oh ya. Let’s discuss little guttie troll. What do yo ever do in football that doesn’t revolve around USC? I’m waiting…

        • Toejam For Life

          That is funny. All you Toejams can talk about is Mora going to the pros or going to Texas! At least, you won’t have that issue with Sarkiffen, unless the Mater Dei high school coach leaves!

          Weren’t you self-proclaimed National Champions last year? Then, you not only lost to UCLA for the 11th time in 20 years but you didn’t receive a single vote in the polls! That wasn’t the NCAA’s fault!

          We learned what happens if you have poor coaching and recruiting for an extended period of time. I am glad that you are going to wait four more years to learn that lesson!

          • FMUSC81

            No Kidding Jack B !!! Let them print their shirts if they get to 10 wins!!! At our worst we’re gunning for 10 and the Westwood Pool Boys are basking in their Sun Bowl Glory !!! What a Joke ..”35-14 Boom! Really ? How about 46-30-7 Boom ! 24 Rose bowl wins to 5 rose bowl wins !!! Lol… thats comical LMFAO !!! FIVE wins ….hold on one more time …FIVE ROSE BOWL wins… BWHAHAHA …. “This town is ours !” BWHAHAHAHA

  • FightON

    My rough count is of the players each team sent is:

    Stanford – 5
    Oregon – 3
    ASU – 3
    Wash – 3
    USC – 3
    UCLA – 2
    Utah – 2
    Oregon St – 2
    Arizona – 1
    Wash St – 1
    Colorado – 1
    Cal – 0

    Sorry about Jack, UCLA trolls. Sadface.

  • carter

    Interesting that Buck Allen, SC’s most valuable player, was not mentioned on the 1st team.
    Not that the other 3 were not worthy, just an interesting observation.