George Tirebiter Enjoys Final Exams At USC

GEORGE.TIREBITERIt’s a nice quiet afternoon at USC and no one seems happier than my favorite statue, George Tirebiter. If you’ve never heard of the greatest Trojan of them all, click here


10 thoughts on “George Tirebiter Enjoys Final Exams At USC

  1. He also famously chased away the clown in the Bruin costume at a football game back when he was the mascot.

    Last day of finals for the Trojans. Definitely a good day at USC.

    And a nice post from Scott. Merry Christmas Scooter.

  2. Finals week is the best. In addition to classes being over, the campus is dead quiet. It’s nice to not have to dodge so many bicycles on Trousdale (and no, the bike lanes have not helped).

    • I should of known that you would be familiar with a canine’s behind. These sorts of things are illegal, okay?

        • Your program is weak !!! 5 Rose bowls WINS! is weak game …. going 30-46 against your biggest rivals ….weak game…. having 1 NC is well …weak game…never going to a BCS bowl is Weak game…. Bragging about shaving a dog butt… well I don’t have to say it!!!! WEAK SAUCE!!!! to match your biggest Rival in wins and consider the year a success ??? weak game …. lots of holes in a “Bucket” makes for week game ….

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