USC Morning Buzz: Ed Orgeron’s Next Move?

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Did former USC coach Ed Orgeron blunder by quitting abruptly two weeks ago? A Pac-12 coach told me last night Orgeron should have remained on Steve Sarkisian’s staff even if he did not want to just to make himself more marketable as he tries to get another job.

Orgeron would be coaching the Las Vegas Bowl and would be the highest-profile assistant in the college football

“Ed should have stayed and would have had more juice than (Steve Sarkisian),” the coach said. “The fans and boosters loved him. Ed would have made Sark’s job hard. Instead it’s out of sight, out of mind now and might be hard to get another job.”

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  • rusoviet

    Coach O’s biggest problem is his ego and I believe he has reflected on his foolishness ever since he ‘demanded’ the HC job.

    Having said that I doubt Orgeron’s tantrum will be as permanent as the ‘coach’ stated but that ‘coach’ is right about how foolishly Orgeron dealt with the news he wasn’t going to be the HC and yes he would have elevated his worth by coaching this bowl game – even better it would have given him a head start i.e. “I’m available @ 4:15 pm PST this Saturday 21st December.”

    Sark has to be very pleased Coach O is not here – nothing but a distraction and annoyance.

    • Helen

      Orgeron did let his ego get the best of him, but part of the problem was caused by the media over-hyping Orgeron after a painful Kiffin tenure. He was refreshing and the players loved him but a cookie strategy is not going to win many games.

  • Ray Reyes

    He’s human, he’s proved that. I respect him for following his gut, right or wrong. He’s passionate. I would take him as a HC all day! A head coach needs to take chances, take a risk, take a chance! FIGHT ON COACH O!

    • G Man

      Hey Ray, you should be at the front of the line when Coach O writes his book on career advice. LMAO!!

      Chapter 1: “Relegating Yourself To Lower Management”

      Chapter 2: “Be Passionate- Even If It Wrecks Your Career and Finances”

      Chapter 3- “When Your Stock Is High- Sabotage Yourself!”

      Chapter 4- “Get Your Employees to Love you- And then Abandon Them!”

      Conclusion- “Listen To Your Gut and See You At the Bottom!”

    • Joe Blow

      Agree, but $90k a MONTH? Come on.

    • Kudos to you, No Neck!! even though you have poor peripheral vision due to limited range of motion of your stubby neck, you DO SEE the good side of CEO!!! the only trOXan who did not turn on him like a pack of hyenas!!!!

      Hadden is 100% behind all his people, until he’s NOT!!!!

  • Ray Reyes

    Coach O made believers again of the USC fanbase, something Kiffin could not do. Sure, he did the “sin” of losing to Neuter Damn and UGLY, but it was just his first year at the helm. That could be overlooked this year.

  • realtrojan

    I hope he will prove me wrong, but I really don’t see Ed Orgeron as successful HC of a major college football program. Oh, don’t get me wrong. He’s an exceedingly likable guy and a great assistant coaching material as he’s more than proved it himself at USC, and he was simply an invaluable asset to the team for over a decade. I do agree he’s made the decision to leave USC a bit too emotionally and hastily. But it’s long said and done. I wish him the best of luck, though, and I’m sure all Trojans thank him for his services for the school.

    • Isaiahdolan

      I agree totally.

    • Cheap seats

      How about for a Div II school?

      I can see him doing that.

    • Goatboy Kiffin

      you are not wrong … O is not a head coach. But cannot blame him for jumping ship, why would a guy like him be a Snark assistant. He would hate all those other punk coaches Snark is bringing.

  • Helen

    Wow, exactly what I have been saying. I wonder if Scottie actually does read the comments and turned them into “sources” for his material?

    • FightON

      Scottie most certainly uses his mentions and comments as sources. Everyone close to USC has been talking about the relationship of O to boosters and Sark. Everyone else has been talking about a maybe blunder.

  • FMUSC81

    Sark wasn’t going to keep him on his staff… How could he ? First loss and the Fan base/ Alum who loved CEO would be chanting his name in the Coliseum…. You think Sark, mind you any other coach would walk into that situation…. Why do you think Peterson didn’t Gel with Haden ? Haden pitch CEO as a fixture on the incoming staff something Haden shouldn’t have pushed for. … CEO did to well, and garnered too much support from the Fan base for any respectable coach to walk in to that situation… it would be a power struggle… maybe, just maybe … Sark was the only one to be open to CEO staying cause he wanted this job so bad, to contradict myself.
    USC is one of the top three jobs in the country, and failing here with a power struggle …. well name me one failing USC HC that has moved on to a better job ?

    • Goatboy Kiffin

      Suckisian isn’t that smart … he would just put on that dorky smile and run his mouth about nothing , as usual. Haden wanted a kiss butt YES man and he got one in SUCKISIAN.

      • FMUSC81

        Agree… I still think James Franklin should have gotten at least an interview… to do what he did at Vanderbilt of all places ! But Haden made his decision strictly about recruting… get the best athletes and everything will take care of itself. i will say ….CEO did screws us by doing so well in landing a top coach….Haden should have told coach O that he wasn’t gong to be coach before he pitched him to be a staff fixture. Like I said … no respectable coach was going to walk into that circus of having a locker room full of kids siding with Coach O!

    • LTEfan

      “USC is one of the top three jobs in the country”
      — there are 3 better jobs in the SEC west division…lol

      • FMUSC81

        Crickets … Crickets … Only people who cry more than bRuins …is a SEC fan….Only a SEC fan would say something that dumb …Only job in the SEC that is on USC level that has the Money, traditions, and recruits is Bama! I can tell you right now …. outside of Saban and maybe …maybe Miles …every coach in the SEC would bolt for USC or Texas. Even if Bama was in mediocracy today …. do you think Saban would have returned to the SEC and coach Auburn ? or Mighty Arkansas ? Or the Giants of Texas A&M ….No jackwagon !!! He would have chosen Bama… Maybe Florida ….maybe.

        • gotroy22

          Or LSU.

          • FMUSC81

            Agree … how did mighty A&M and Missouri … traditional middle of the pack to Big 12 teams become sec powers in both divisions ??? Please SEC !!!! Only a guy who is sister is mother also would say USC isn’t a top job… typical jealousy …. times have change …. will see when FSU torches auburn ….we all know Auburn has no business in the NC game … none .

        • LTEfan

          Alabama, LSU and Auburn are all better jobs right now. They don’t play their games in a dump of a stadium. SEC is the premier conference in college football. Build a top flight stadium and then start chirping. Unwittingly, you conceded that two jobs are better (Alabama and LSU). Read first, shoot later, trOJan man.

          • Walt Hazzard

            SEC is clearly not what you think it is Cooter see Missu & AM middle of the pack big 12 teams haa the SEC is dead!

          • FMUSC81

            Right …. Auburn that needed a golden turd of play to beat Bama… but to mention Auburn with USC… Bama fans are laughing at you kid … LSU only became prevelent cause of Saban and the Mad Hatter came into a loaded squad but what LSU do this year ? I mean since you want to bring in Auburn who went winless in sec last year and now is in a NC game ? You sound like a bRuin … Like I said every coach in the sec would bolt outside of Saban and miles for USC and Texas…. If SEC is so great how come Urban didn’t go back… and don’t be ah OSU homer and say he wanted to go home …. he never played there just grew up in Ohio …

          • LTEfan

            Then how did you end up with Kiffin and Sarkisian? Apparently, the elite coaches don’t view U$C as top 3 anymore. Times change, even if entrenched and now baseless viewpoints do not. How about the stadium issue? You seem to have glossed over that. A top 3 job is not one whose team plays in a dilapidated stadium. Watch out, Petersen will make UW and its state of the art stadium a more desirable location than Sarkville.

      • Walt Hazzard

        Haa the big 12 owns the SEC…keep thinking that cooter!!

  • Fred Sampson

    Sometimes people get confused as to what a Head Football Coaches duty’s are at the College level, what makes Steve Sarkisian a better Coach then Orgeron ? NOTHING !! Orgeron could have surrounded himself with great coordinators and position Coaches and motivated that team to jump through hoops . He’s already a top notch evaluator of talent, and can develop and recruit with the best of them. Sarkision has not proven any of those things, he took a bottom ridden Team that had no place to go but up and maintained mediocrity for the last 3 years. And if anybody else thinks things will be different because it’s USC then you are sadly mistaken, because he is who he is.

    • Joe Blow

      You’re nuts. He recruited as well as possible at a second level school in the Pac 12. He also got the money raised to finish the stadium as well as help get the boxes and high end seats sold. Not to mention he had the alums, former players, students eating out of his hand. You don’t know s$!t.

      • Fred Sampson

        I love it when folks hide behind fictitious names and talk tough on blogs…lol !! Ok, I don’t know s$!t.

        • steveg

          Seems little dix really like to stand up on here and be big men. It gets really old. This blog is about football.

    • TrojanFamily

      Shouldn’t a HC prepare his team a little better for a rivalry game than Orgeron did for UCLA? That was a huge audition and he failed miserably.

      I’m not sure Sark is the right coach for the job, but that UCLA debacle convinced me Orgeron was not.

      • gotroy22

        Shouldn’t fans have realistic expectations for a team that was spinning out of control? You fair weather fans turned on him two weeks after the Stanford win.

        • Cheap seats

          I didn’t turn on him. I think the ucla loss was simply a product of the team running out of gas from the roller coaster season. They were already on fumes going into the Stanford game.

          Before the UCLA game, you can FEEL there wasn’t much left in the tank. I was there and if you went to the Stanford game, there was a HUGE difference in energy.

          Sometimes I wonder if Coach O said goodbye to the team before kickoff and it was a distraction. It’s very possible he knew he wasn’t getting the job.

    • Cheap seats

      To add to that, coach O also provided the team with an IDENTITY. He emphasized the trenches again, which is how USC always won.

      • Fred Sampson

        Exactly !!!

    • Ben Factor

      Fred, I’ve written that I don’t see greatness in Sark (certainly, so far).

      Regarding Ed O, it’s fair to ask about the UCLA game–players and coaches.

      Haden moved more quickly than he had to, and I think that insulted Orgeron. I don’t think Ed O got a typical interview, although I could certainly be
      wrong. He won Pac-12 Coach of the Year. He deserved a chance to make his case.

      The burden was on Ed O to bring a
      comprehensive vision and plan to Haden. Ed is smart enough to know that he and Haden are quite different in background and style. Ed had to
      sell Haden that Ed had an insightful overview into trends in CFB, challenges at USC, and a strategy to overcome them. I wonder whether Ed pressed Haden for a chance to do that? If Ed was standing pat, relying on his resume, that was a strategic error, particularly after the UCLA performance.

      The UCLA game was the most important one with regard to recruiting. USC didn’t just lose. They played badly in all phases, adjusted poorly, etc. Ed O was HC. What do you say about that, Fred?

      It’s not enough to say that Sark hasn’t shown much. That just shows Haden’s dubious process. It doesn’t justify Orgeron’s hire.

      • ThaiMex

        Does that mean….IF…Suckiffin looses 3-5 games NEXT year, including loses to Notre Dame and UCLA, that he deserves to get FIRED? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!
        fit Un!

        • Walt Hazzard

          No what it means is when sucla loses 5 conference games next year your coach will have already received a RAISE for no reason!! WASHINGTON DIDN’T WANT HIM!! NOBODY did HAAA remember the Alamo!!

        • steveg

          If your coach looses 3-5 games next year to anyone they can’t afford to fire him with his new contract. Brilliant.

          • Cheap seats

            Whoa..just realized that. They’d have to promote Mazzone or Spanos…neither you want as a HC.

            How long is USC on the hook for Kiffin’s contract?

        • TrojanFamily

          I’m not sure how a coach “looses” a game anyway.

  • Terry Palinski

    I think we can all agree it was not a wise professional decision to leave the way he did.

    I think the way he lost to fucla and Rudy Dame weighed heavier on Haden’s and some fans minds.

    He looked like Kiff on the sidelines for the fucla game. He did not have a 2nd half adjustment. It was 28-14 in the beginning of the 4th qtr. We had the ball at the fucla 40. We fumbled on their 20, and then proceeded to get 23 yards on the next 3 possessions.

    The ND game was no different. Our 2nd half involved having 8 possessions, started with the ball on the ND 33,47,34 and USC 47 for 4 of them. We went 3 n out 4 times, threw a pick, loss of downs twice and missed a FG with a combined 76 yards in the second half.

    Both of those games are exactly why Kiffin is not here any more. Good coaches make 2nd half adjustments. It’s why Mora has been successful at fucla.

    The Stanford game was huge but we only had 130 yards in the 2nd half and scored 3 points. Our Defense and turnovers won that game. Stanford had 180 2nd half yards and a redzone Int.

    These are why Orgeron was not a HC candidate, He could get the pre-game locker room hype but he could not coach a full game. He did not have answers when we were not making plays.

    • gotroy22

      He went 6-2 with a team about to implode and “he didn’t have the answers”?

      • Terry Palinski

        I agree, he did not have the answers. You also need to look at the teams that he beat while he was the interim HC. Zona 7-5 at home (might I add we were outscored 21-10 in the 2nd half and out gained 256-208 in yards) , Utah 5-7, Oregon St 6-6, Cal 1-11 and Colorado 4-8.

        The Stanford game was a huge victory for the team. We rushed for 23 yards. We were also out gained in yardage.

        Not being a “negative Nancy” here just trying to look at this from a program standpoint.

        • Cheap seats

          What specifically could he have done differently with this team that had only 12-13 quality players on defense?

          Keep in mind he also inherited a QB starting his 3rd game and didn’t have full reps during camp.

          While it’s easy to say Coach O didn’t “make adjustments”, I think lots of that also falls on the coordinator’s shoulders.

          I think he did a commendable job.

          If there was one big blunder I can pick from his stint, it would be not using a spy on Brett Hundley.

          The biggest blunder of the season? That falls on Kiffin waiting until week 3 to name a starting QB after he knew very well that the offense over relied on MB’s arm last year. Wolf said during Q&A that Kiffin was likely hoping Wittek would win the job and gave him too any chances.

          • Terry Palinski

            Could all these arguments be had in Kiffs coaching defense as well?

            We are not talking about Western Michigan talent. This is 4 & 5 star talent. Player for player talent wise, USC had more that fucla and the domers. USC put up 10 points combined in the second half between ND, Stanford and fUCLA. Would you be fine with that as an AD? I know as fans we are not fine with this.

            Orgeron beat the teams we should beat. Fans were happy with this after the Wash St loss because it was a crap shoot on who would show up. USC needs to beat ND, fucla and Arizona St.

            Orgeron had a great opportunity to win the job or force Haden’s hand in the fucla game. Instead USC was out game planned, coached and played. 23 4th qtr yards is not impressive by any standard.

            I like Orgeron, I think he did a commendable job considering the situation. He said he loved the school, players and staff. When he didn’t get what he wanted, he got mad and left behind his “family”.

          • Cheap seats

            Do you really think our team is more talented than most Div I rosters in it’s current make up?

            I don’t. Yes — it has the flashy 4 & 5 star skilled players (mostly at WR). However, football is won in the trenches.

            It’s not a cliche — even the team with Barkley minus Khalil had a below-average offensive line.

            This year’s team that Coach O inherited had an even WORSE offensive line with the departure of Holmes.

            Regardless, I don’t think Coach O was in the running at all, even if he went undefeated. Haden already hinted at this from his comments during midseason in saying, “We’re not going to make an emotional decision…” As a former QB and Rhodes scholar, I think Haden wanted a “cerebral-type” who answered his interview questions the with what he wanted to hear.

            It wouldn’t surprise me if even Kiffin helped Sark with his interview preparation.

          • Terry Palinski

            We did have more talent coming out of High School. It’s what is done with it.

            USC O line:
            Martinez- 5 star
            Martin- 3 Star
            Graf- 4 Star
            Walker- 5 Star
            Hobbi- 5 Star
            Tuerk- 5 Star

            Washington O line:
            Criste- 2 Star
            Charles- 3 star
            Tanigawa- 2 Star
            Hatchie- 4 star
            Riva- 3 Star

            I do agree the O line is huf=ge in winning games. But, so is game planning around it.

            USC scored 20 points or less 7 times. 4 of these times were under Coach O. Washington scored less than 30 4 times and never less than 20.

            As far as I am concerned Cregg, Helton, Orgeron and Kiff were not doing these kids justice.

            To win in the P12 you have to score points. USC did not lose on Defense (ASU maybe). They lost on Offense. Orgeron was not going to fire Cregg and Helton if he was coach.

            A new staff was needed. Until we see what Sark does with the better talent he can get at USC, it’s hard to pass judgment.


          • Cheap seats

            I just reviewed our last recruiting classes dating back to 2010’s class and didn’t see any of those you mentioned as 5 star on 247sports.

            Regardless, I agree with you that it’s the development & mentality that matters. Just look at how UCLA used a patchwork offensive line against us and Hundley keeping his jersey clean.

            Good points about new staff needed. I watched a video of Sark mic’ed up at the 2009 spring game and I really like his energy and attention to detail. He really is Kiffin’s polar opposite when it comes to enthusiasm.

    • Jack B

      Very strong post. Don’t bother with gotroy22. He’s a total idiot based on other points he’s made here. He still doesn’t get that Ed O didn’t have the answers as you pointed out. It’s the answers in the big games that count. We truly did beat STAN by a miracle. If anyone were to tell me that USC would beat STAN with a measley 23 net rushing yds. I would have said, well…maybe if they pick off a couple of passes in the 4th and also block a FG attempt and make a miraculously long FG attempt with time literally running out. What were the odds? Especially with our season long kicking woes.

  • Joe Blow

    Gee, I posted just that the day after. Wow.

  • tostevinUSC

    Sorry I slept in this morning… The only thing Orgeron did wrong here is call “heads” instead of “tails” in Haden’s office. If he had called tails he wouldn’t have needed to turn tail. I hope he lands on his feet, but not across town where the head coach has figured out it is okay to hire former Trojans. (and of course USC has hired its share of former Bruins) Football programs are funny animals they often overlook 7&6 records to hire a rerun coach. I am sue someone will pick Ed up.

  • Cheap seats

    Did anyone see Helton’s reaction at yesterday’s presser after Wolf asked a question?

    Useless fact #45 about Wolf: he’s left handed. (really) I saw him write on his notepad.

    • gotroy22

      Are you Gary Klein?

  • jetman624

    You all would have done the same if your employer lied to you and said you had an honest shot at the job when clearly you did not.

  • LamontRaymond

    This was sadly very predictable. I still wish the very best for Coach O. He’s making mistakes that will serve him down the road. Good man.

  • ThaiMex

    “the memory of that hideous loss to UCLA”….
    Hurts a little, does it? You better used to it. MORA the same coming up!
    fit Un knuckleheads!

    • TrojanFamily

      Sure it does. When Florida lost to Georgia Southern, it’s painful. When teams lose to vastly inferior programs, coaches should get fired. Kiffin should have gotten fired last year. Orgeron didn’t get the job. Muschamp should be fired.

      When UCLA loses 50-0 to their rival, they carry their coach off the field.

      Different expectations.

      • ThaiMex

        Soooo…If…Sarkiffin Loses to UCLA next year…does he deserve to get fired?
        fit Un!

        • TrojanFamily

          Sorry, I don’t speak troll. I don’t know who Sarkiffen is.

          But if USC loses again to UCLA, and UCLA manages a return trip to the Sun Bowl, then they should rename UCLA “UC Moraland,” give him a $100 million contract, and Sarkissian should be fired.

          That’s what happens when great football programs lies to vastly inferior ones. People lose their job.

          I do understand how you need clarification on how great football programs operate. You don’t have much experience with it.

          • ThaiMex

            Kinda like your mens basketball program a few years back. Howland wins the Conference, and gets fired. Your guy, O’Neil (The Drunk) goes 500, and gets a vote of confidence from Phaden!
            So….Sarkiffin has a good chance to be a ONE and DONE guy? That will certainly enhance the programs already tarnished image and should have a devastating effect on recruiting.
            Most excellent….Yesterday U and LIMBO U all in one!
            fit Un!

          • TrojanFamily

            I agree with your analogy

            UCLA football = USC basketball.

            It’s about time you made a valid point.

    • Cheap seats

      Yes it hurts…YOU.

      Otherwise, what are you doing trolling a USC board 10 hours a day?


  • sc 4 sc

    Like I told you a week ago… O to Army. Meant to be.

  • rusoviet

    TF – yes I do concur that Haden had no intention in offering Coach O the HC position ‘but’ he had the offer as an AC ready for him which was emotionally rejected by Coach O.

    Chris Dufresne claimed in the Times per Orgeron that Ed went from wanting the HC position to demanding it.

    Terry Palinski gave the sharp reality details of the ineptitude Ed showed for preparing for the 2nd half – there was none – and when it mattered it showed esp against Notre Dame after the lead QB got knocked out of the game. Mora knew how to land a knock out blow just as he did last year.

    OT – Shaw (Stanford HC) played way to conservative against USC and was content to go to OT “on the road” rather than win – that was the most telling reality of November 2013 – Shaw’s show of caution – amazing really – a one loss team with a chance to wrest outright control of the conference from its 2nd oldest foe (USC) and he declines to go for the kill. That move is what makes programs become memorable – it makes them into a new dynasty – the entire conference is on the rise – all of it.

    Stanford better win against MI St. there are hungry foes awaiting.

    “Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war!”

  • B.Miller

    Coach O deserved better, but job or no job.. going through this whole season preaching about being a family and these kids being like his sons, and to up and quit because you didn’t get the job, shows his true character.
    I think a major problem about him being the HC, is he was not willing to make any Offensive Changes.

    • Cheap seats

      Yeah… that was a big mistake. His impact was so huge, some of the kids are dedicating this week’s bowl game to him.

      You never answered my question from before: where did you get your avatar photo from? The girl in the photo is a friend of mine.

      • B.Miller

        A friend of mine sent it over

        • Cheap seats

          Gotcha…gotta love the internet..

          She once had that photo as her profile pic on Facebook. She’s wearing a USC bikini.

          I’d tell you more, but it would ruin your photo. LOL