Fresno State Arrives In Las Vegas, Meets Elvis


R. Marsh Starks/Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl

Fresno State arrived Tuesday night in Las Vegas and got to meet an Elvis impersonator. It could be worse. They could make the coach wear a sombrero.


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  • NotAFanOfYou

    Or they could meet WolfPutz…that would definitely be worse.

    • Helen

      What about WolfPutz in a sombrero?

      • TrojanFan3.0

        ….Then tacos and beers with thaibean

  • TrojanFamily

    Oh wow, a Kiffin burn! That’s fresh material!

  • tomas89

    And the Kiffin obsession rolls on…

  • HAWR-HAWR!!!!

    GOOD ONE, wolfman!!

    El Lobo Macho, tu eres en FUEGO, hombre!!!
    (wolfman, you are on FIRE, man!!!)

  • WEB_Dupree

    The thing is, if Kiffin had won, this goofy, awkward stuff might have seemed kind of endearing, like the glow-worm outfit he wore when they beat Oregon.

  • tostevinUSC

    I heard USC wanted to go back to the Sun Bowl but they said, “I’ll passo.”

    • B.Miller


  • B.Miller

    Wolf.. Still living life for LAME Kiffin.. you should be Kiffin’s personal writer.. That would be cute for the bald fat writer

  • FightON

    Lane Kiffin in a sombrero > Scott Wolf in a sombrero

  • TrojanFan3.0

    The guy truly misses Kiffin!