The Las Vegas Bowl Is Sold Out! Then Again, It Isn’t

Las Vegas Bowl Logo New FINAL

The Las Vegas Bowl announced this morning the game is sold out. But it also announced that fans can contact USC and Fresno State to see if they have tickets remaining from their 11,000-allotments. So in other words, there are plenty of tickets available.

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  • Helen

    Nice logic Scottie – in other words you didn’t check with Fresno or USC to see if any allotment tickets remain but assumed there are “plenty.” Shoddy journalism to say the least.

  • FightON

    Stub Hub is still reporting that tickets are available. The USC side has 35 and the Fresno side has 95. There are at least 100 more in random areas.

    • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

      That sure sounds like “plenty” of tickets…

      • FightON

        In Scott’s world, my numbers equate to a nearly empty stadium.

  • Heaven forbid Scotty Boy here has to make a phone call to actually report on a topic. How lazy are you? Seriously? You can’t take 10 minutes out of your schedule of writing Lane Kiffin “jokes” to make one or two lousy calls? Then again what should people expect from a person who’s claim to fame isn’t anything having to do with his writing but getting banned from football practice. Inside tip folks, just get your news from twitter, even bogus news is better than whatever this is

  • Toejam For Life

    The record attendance at Sam Boyd Field is 41,000. The SuC section is going to resemble the Galen Center on any given night! Is Ronald McDonkey making the trip? It might be a little cold for Tommy Toejam in his skirt!!!

    Galen Center On!