USC Morning Buzz: Nick Saban Surprised At `Reaction’ On Lane Kiffin

KIFFIN.TEDFORDAlabama coach Nick Saban explained his reason for bringing Lane Kiffin in this week to offer advice on the Crimson Tide’s offense.

“I can’t believe there’s any reaction to it,” Saban said. “Lane is a terrific offensive coach and I’ve always had a tremendous amount of respect for him.

“Just to come in and brainstorm a little bit with some professional ideas with our guys, I think is a real positive thing. And I don’t know why there’s any reaction to it, to be honest with you. I’m really quite surprised.”

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  • Goatboy Kiffin

    terrific offensive coach LOL … 3 play Laney never saw a bubble screen he didn’t like. What a moron

  • Jethro G Sabbath

    Nick obviously doesn’t watch Pac 12 football

  • Brad Hutchings

    Assuming the 4 team playoff sticks around for a few years. I predict that CLK will be OC or HC of a team in the playoff no later than Sark. Kiff may not be the most charming all-around coaching personality in the world, but he is a top recruiter and a very capable coach. 4 years down the road, if we’re debating anything, it will be why Kiffin was fired (at all or mid-season) rather than O v. Sark. My hunch is Sark will do quite well and we won’t be debating it. But Kiffin will land feet first and do quite well for himself too.

    • Goatboy Kiffin

      brad … LOL , Kiffin is a joke

  • Evil Robot

    I guess that sounds a bit better than “we both have the same agent and after I got my new contract it was easier to convince me to do those guys a little favor”.

    The notion of Lane being a “terrific offensive coach” died somewhere during the Washington St. game. Unfortunately for him, it was televised.

    • Booyakasha


  • TrojanFamily

    Hmm who should I believe, the guy who has won two national championships in a row, or a guy who goes by the name Goatboy Kiffen? Such dilemmas…..

    • Helen

      You have to wonder about someone who calls them self “Goatboy”… as you know what happens to goats when left alone with the lonely goat herder?

      • G L

        Umm… they end up getting married on Rose Parade floats?

  • Gee, i don’t know…..but if pressed–and i’m just spit-balling here– i’d have to say Nick Saban is smarter than the Dummies on this blog…..just a hunch, best guess….don’t hold me to it!!!

    at the very least, it shows Saban doesn’t think he knows everything (which shows actual smarts) and doesn’t care what Dummies think. and he’s doing a solid to a guy who had a BAD year. reminds me of Mora.

    • dummyBucket

      The only dummies here are the trolls. Go discuss the sun bowl somewhere else.

      • hey, take it easy, Boss, no need to get rough, i’m going already!!!!

  • bazinga

    Saban thinks Lane is good with offenses? Impossible. Scott Wolf has reported otherwise.

    • marvgoux1

      Do you think Lane was good with the USC offense this season?

  • WEB_Dupree

    Saban then hopped on his solid gold golf cart and drove off. As he lit a cigar wrapped with hundred dollar bills to cleanse the taste of caviar and lobster from his mouth, he couldn’t help but smile at how easy it was to F with the clowns on the internet.

  • Rigged4fun

    Nick is doing someone a favor. We have seen Lane at his best and bubble screen right or left is not what we call “offense”.

    • CardinalnGold

      Saban & Kiffin have the same agent. I’m sure he did his agent a solid after secure a 7+ million a year extension.

    • steveg

      It is obvious Saban is looking for advice on the bubble screen, and he went to the foremost expert. Should be one exciting bowl game for Alabama.

  • Saul Goodman

    They share the same agent

  • FightON

    Lane Kiffin isn’t an idiot. This has been sad before – he’s one of those cerebral types that is great with theory, but falls short on practicality, in part because his personality doesn’t have the intangibles that someone like Orgeron has. Even still, he knows how to craft an offense (in theory), but forgets the variables: the players. Football IQ isn’t everything.

    Saban is no Carroll or Orgeron – he’s closer to Lane in terms of personality, although I think he finds a way to identify with the players more and is a master of execution. And perhaps Saban has learned to keep his ego in check better than Kiffin has.

    • Brad Hutchings

      Pardon the pun, but the tides roll in and out. Kiffin is at a pretty low tide right now, but the pendulum of college football will swing his way again, probably soon.

      • FightON

        I was shocked with his Game Day performance. I remember every booster complaining about Kiffin’s attitude and the fact that they found him curt whenever they approached him. His players were uncomfortable around him too. I came to view him (in addition to my disappointment in his performance) as a man his players almost feared, a sort of emotionally abusive boss type.

        But, when they started breaking down plays on Game Day, you could see how smart he was. They were walking around and Lane had this moment where he was laying out all of the options in the play. Unfortunately, the leads broke him off – they don’t like to discuss the gritty details on those shows, only the far more simple layouts of plays. Still, one could see just how well Lane understood how plays develop and break down. Still, he desperately needs to work on his ego, attitude, and interaction with players.

        • TrojanFamily

          When I saw him on GameDay, I thought he’d be well served to go to the booth for a year or two. His sarcasm and sense of humor is great for TV but really undermined the team’s confidence as a head coach.

          • Brad Hutchings

            How soon we forget John McKay.

  • B.Miller

    HEY! what do you know.. More Lame Kiffin stories.. Classic story Wolf..

  • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

    An uproar would be appropriate if Robert Woodward and Carl Bernstein were to consult with Scott Wolf on journalism.

  • rusoviet

    Dan Patrick was talking to a national football reporter who told him that when Kiffin went off on both Meyer and Spurrier while he was the head coach @ TN, he also made excessive praise for Nick Saban – almost as if he ‘knew’ who was going to be the big dog (prior to Saban’s run w. AL) and who would not (well that’s what the reporter noted i.e. Meyer’s success @ FL).

    Much i see him as a disaster because he has half a personality I do agree he has skill as demonstrated his 2nd year (10-2) with USC – maybe kiffin puts in 2-3 yrs. with an SEC – gets a new shot and hires Coach O as an asst. again.

  • j metaphor

    Fight on,
    Kiffin, Cerebral?
    That’s funny!
    Lane was on his way to Tennessee for the second waste processing facility grand opening and stopped by to say hi to his Nike bro Nick.