• Helen

    Scottie: what happened to Breslin – who was said to return for the bowl game?

  • does Helton actually think those near-sighted rhinoceroses can read that small print waving in the wind??? or are they just nodding in agreement and not understanding anything?? i guess we’ll see if there are any blown assignments vs the Bulldogs.

    what else ‘ya got, Wonder Boy???

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    ‘ hey guys I think that says Bubble screen right ‘

  • Toejam For Life

    The flopping papers are covering the Denny’s Children’s menu from prying eyes! Unfortunately, he just told them that they don’t get any! Chicken Nuggets On! No Ice Cream For You On!

  • B.Miller

    Why do so many FUCLA bums write the dumbest stuff on here to get attention.. YOUR ALL LAMES..
    You FUCLA Bums know way to much about whats going on at USC than you do your own terrible program..
    Kick Rocks!

    • HeySUCs

      Wait for it, yawn.

      • B.Miller

        Same way I feel about your sad program and your lame post..