USC QB Max Wittek Unsure About Future Plans


USC quarterback Max Wittek said he is unsure if he will return next season or transfer to another school. Last week, Wittek’s teammates said he told them he would return. But now he is thinking things through.

“I haven’t decided anything yet,” Wittek said. Full story here

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  • CardinalnGold

    I can’t say that I’ll miss him if he leaves.

  • FightON

    Kid has got an arm. He had every opportunity to win the job. Kiffin wanted Wittek and allowed him multiple times to prove himself. Plus, Kessler seems to be more like Barkley – more outgoing and more of a ride or die sort than Wittek from what I’ve seen. I haven’t seen a practice in a long time, though (I used to watch from the parking structures when Lane closed practice, ha).

    • Cheap seats

      I’ve seen several practices during the QB “competition” during spring and fall and I remember me and everyone in attendance thinking Kessler won the starting job hands down.

      Every time I saw an interception and I missed who threw it, I would ask someone, “Let me guess….Wittek?”

      I’m sure he’s a great kid and hope he steps up, but I think he’s always been a guy with an inaccurate cannon arm. Even in high school, his TD/INT ratio wasn’t impressive.

      • FightON

        I think Kiffin was hoping that Wittek would settle down and become accurate over time. True, Wittek has the size and arm of an NFL QB, but who cares if he’s throwing to the wrong team? He’s kind of an antsy guy, though I think both he and Kessler seem really anxious at times.

        How did Max Browne look? Everyone hyped him and then he sort of fell away. A few articles mentioned how Kessler and Wittek looked better, but no one really gave an details.

        • Cheap seats

          If you visit practice, you’ll see that there’s a “near field” that’s right under the baseball bleachers platform and a far field.

          The far field usually has the 2nd stringers while the near side has the starters and is where 7 on 7 drills are played.

          Browne looks to have been slated for a redshirt very early. While he did spend some time with the first stringers in spring, he was always on the far field by the time summer came around.

          I’ve actually spoke to Haden and Kiffin on a few occasions at practice. You could tell Kiffin was trying to get out of his normal shell and he forced himself to go up to us and the 10 or so fans that were watching. You could tell it was really uncomfortable for him! Sweaty hand, too.

          Haden always seems more interested to speak to my son every time we see him. I don’t think him or Kiffin know my name, but they recognize us whenever we run into them.

          • Cheap seats

            btw – Wolfie is never seen during practice. He only attends the press conference after.

            It’s no mystery why he has no insight on the team.

  • Lajollaboy

    He might have a chance in Spring practice to win the job but I really think Max Browne could pass both him and Kessler. I think Sarkisian really liked him when he was at UW. If he transfers, it might not be a big deal as either Kessler or Browne should do fine and Sark will recruit another QB too.

  • Go Tama

    No loss. I’m sure a FCS team could use his scatter arm

  • Fred Sampson

    He should have transferred to San Diego State last season , he would have been the starter going into spring practice . Some players can’t see the writing on the wall , former USC Trojan Brice Butler was 4th string and transferred to SD State and was drafted by the Raiders .

  • HeySUCs


  • TrojanConquest

    Article about Wittek has picture of Kessler.