Deja Vu: Lane Kiffin Assistant Paid Recruit’s Expenses Too


Dean Rutz/The Seattle Times

There always seems to be comparisons between Lane Kiffin and Steve Sarkisian. Well, former USC assistant coach Willie Mack Garza paid $1,500 for tailback Lache Seastrunk and his mother to visit Tennessee.

Garza was hit with a three-year “showcause” order that puts severe restrictions on his ability to find another job with an NCAA institution. The amazing part is that everyone believed a micro-manager like Kiffin had no knowledge of the situation.

Perhaps Kiffin is advising Sarkisian right now on how to speak to USC and the NCAA. Or convince everyone an assistant coach, a notoriously cheap group by nature, would ever spend money on his own.

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  • anno nimus

    wow, too funny. What a circus. not surprising. what else is new?

    • FightON

      Irony, thy name is anno nimus. Now, if only I could convince you to stop beating women.

  • Henry Bibby

    D.J. Fluker was paid at Alabama. Does that reflect on Nick Saban?

    • B.Miller

      whatever happened to that story?

      • Henry Bibby

        Great question. Since it’s Yahoo! investigating, USC fans can be assured they will get to the bottom of it. No sweeping it under the rug when Yahoo is involved.

        • CAPT_Mike2

          OK, gotta admit USC fans *can* be funny.
          I’m having a hard time seeing the humor in this unfolding episode, but if you guys are still able to chuckle after being abused by NCAA, guess I’ll have to administer more ‘medicine’ and force a grin.
          Best Regards,

  • rusoviet

    You truly are a fool Wolf. You remind me of Joe McDonnnell – the UCLA suckup clown who systematically blew every bridge he had with: station managers, players, coaches, writers, fellow peers in broadcasting and then one day nothing – people have long memories for a reason – you are such a fool Wolf


      Wolf is an expert on burning bridges.


    • you keep repeating “wolf is a fool”, who are you trying to convince? your post reeks of desperation and shame!!

      oh! the GOLDEN AGE of the CADRE is at hand!!! BEHOLD!!!

    • HeySUCs

      Take your medication Comerade.

    • Joe Blow

      you mean the “fat” fucla suckup

      • gotroy22

        Last I heard he was on some left wing hate radio site spewing his venom.

        • Joe Blow

          That fat a h o l e makes Wolf look like Mother Teresa.

  • Helen

    Scottie: your logic (again) is so flawed it’s unbelievable.

    He’s gone – get over it.

    • this is the WOLFMAN’s blog, Dummy!!

      move on or SHUT UP!!

      (sound familiar?)

      • Helen

        Chuckie: are you okay? You sound constipated.

    • gotroy22

      Sarkiffian is gone?

      • Helen


  • classic trOXan denail/deflection!!!!

    the rebuilt hotel is burning down again…..DURING CONSTRUCTION!!!

    so who is at fault???? the WOLFMAN of course!!!

    you Dummies get more PATHETIC by the day!!

    pero no te preocupes, the CADRE will be here to SCATTER the PIECES!!!

    • FightON

      Breaking news: Bucket calls someone pathetic. Everyone in the world laughs.

  • Keep on digging, wolfman!!!

    burn it all DOWN!!!

    Follow the money!!!

    • Cheap seats

      Funny that you broke the “story” again before Wolf.

      Since you’re rejoicing about the “news” and you unlikely read the LA Times story that it was USC that reached out to the source, why not put your money where your mouth is?

      LEAVE your beloved blog if Sark’s name is cleared.

      You won’t… Because you might have to actually get out in the world that is downright SCARY to you.

      If you left this blog, you might make a woman smile, a child happy, a friend feel comforted…

      Or you can continue your wasteful life as a troll…

      • you don’t give me ultimatums, Dummy.

        • Cheap seats

          Thought so…

          Someday, you might have the courage, troll.

  • Toejam For Life

    Looking at the poster boys for Lack of Institutional Control and you have to wonder what would have been found if Pete Carroll hadn’t stonewalled the NCAA all those years and if SuC had plea bargained down to their current sanctions, making Reggie Bush the lone scapegoat! Probably would have made SMU look the perfect compliance model! It must be why Pat Haden has never rocked the boat with the NCAA that would cause them to reopen the investigation.

    • WEB_Dupree

      I think there is actually a grain of truth here. To sue the NCAA would be to give the NCAA’s attorneys the power to issue court-enforced subpoenas. I don’t think that the SC fans demanding a lawsuit have really thought through what that might mean.

      • they were begging for the circular firing sqaud!!! oh let them have it i say!!!

      • ThaiMex

        WEB…..the medication appears to be working! Welcome back, my friend. LAWSUITS and the damaging information revealed would probably result in that Wino Urine Smelling dump on Figueroa, being BURNED to The Ground and covered in Salt for HUNDREDS of Years.
        (you are making good progress. I’ll have a heart to heart with El Jefe, Chuckie, to see about inviting you back to our upcoming Bar-B-Q. If approved…please arrive early…There’s rarely food left after Those PLUS Size girls go at it!)
        fondest personal regards,

    • Walt Hazzard

      You nailed it .Pete should have followed Sam Gilberts Pyramid for success…Whoa Nellie!!! Remember the Alamo

      • HeySUCs

        Wally’s mad again. Yawn.

  • B.Miller

    Sarkisian might be a completely different head coach than Kiffin, but they are both starting off their USC career as Head Coach the same… under NCAA scrutiny!

  • gotroy22

    I wonder what Petros will have to say about this?

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    Suckisian and Kiffin …. dumb and dumber

  • Emil Calomino

    This guy Wolfe is a real clown, calling himself a journalist is really stretching the word…

  • colonelkilgore

    The new NCAA rules make this a potential problem for Sark, because claiming you had no idea what an assistant was doing on your watch is no longer a defense.

    Tosh is definitely looking at a show cause penalty. Sark will probably be okay, but not out of the realm of possibility that he could be hit with a show cause penalty himself.