Washington Assistant Tosh Lupoi Speaks (Via Twitter)

Here’s a statement from Washington assistant coach Tosh Lupoi released on his twitter account:


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  • rusoviet

    Hope Lupoi isn’t going down the Ryan Braun road – if you did it put the brakes on now if not then keep stating so.

  • Henry Bibby

    From the LA Times article, there was no evidence or trail that could be used as proof against Luopi. It’s all he said, she said. I still don’t think USC will hire him.

    • rusoviet

      They won’t nor should they because at a minimum Lpoi did know and meet with Davis as to what went down is irrelevant – perception is reality.

      • Joe Blow

        I’d love to have coffee with Lupoi.

      • ;kjb;pkjb;kjb

        Its like my dad told me when I was a kid… “You are who you roll with” Remember Lance Armstrong? “I didn’t do it”, but everyone around him was guilty? How did that turn out?

    • FMUSC81

      OJ Mayo was handed Cash, but since other said they saw the cash being handed …. the NCAA used that against USC

      • Henry Bibby

        Pull up an article. They had Western Union receipts, Hotel receipts, Credit Card receipts. OJ took 30k in one year in gifts, cash, hotels. They had a book of evidence on OJ Mayo. This is nothing to worry about.

  • FMUSC81

    This is going to go beyond Lupoi… It’s going to go from “Lupoi paying for recruits! To Sark knowing ?” He’s now the head coach of one of the biggest programs in the country…. With what went down with Pete Carroll and then hiring Lame Kiffin who had a coach do the same thing…. and now Sarks Allegations… this is why majority of the Big Money Alums and Booster wanted to separate the Program for PC cronies and start new.

    Right now UW needs to shut Lupoi down and keep him quite if I was Chirs Peterson … Cause he’s gonna throw Sark and any of his asst. under a Bus to keep his new program for incurring any penalties….

    • FightON

      Lupoi was being vetted for the USC job. Why throw Sark under? That wouldn’t make any sense.

      • FMUSC81

        It would if that relieved him of getting a ” Show just cause ” from the NCAA … that would make him Unemployable with any program for 3 years …. it happen to Willlie Garza at Tennessee under Kiffin.

        • TrojanFan3.0

          Kelly got 18 months

    • ThaiMex

      That’s SOME TRADITION over at SUCks. Carrol, Goat Boy, Sarkiffin….they’re all the same…You can put LIPSTICK on a Pig, but it’s still a pig…I guess thats why they call it The University of Stupid Children!
      fit Un knuckleheads!
      (I’ve suggested, several times as a matter of fact…That dump…Fig Tech, should be BURNED to the ground then Covered in Salt for a Couple HUNDRED Years…..It’s still no too late)

      • FMUSC81

        Winning does drive a Loser insane … must suck for the University of Crying Little A-holes….. As for lipstick on a pig… while that sounds like your cheer squad… ugliest group in LA…. you have to put effort into that… nonetheless I would never get rid of that campus in Westwood… I mean who else would we have to Laugh at ??? You serve a purpose in number 2 …. Hey quick question….Why is at our worst ….your best is no better, Than our worst ??? I mean when we’re good we win the conference, and heismans , National Championship, Rose Bowls …. I’m serious we’ve done it over multiple era’s so it’s not B.S….. I don’t get it…. we get good recruits and win.. you get good recruits and well Sun Bowl… I’m being serious… you had #1 recruiting class like 15 years ago…. and you lost a Rose Bowl and well had dud after dud…Why is that ? I’m dead serious …. explain … i can’t comprehend to to be happy with such mediocracy, and not doing anything about..If you beat VT at the Sun Bowl.. is that really a successful season ? Be Honest

      • TrojanFan3.0

        Does Mrs. bucket wear lipstick, I’m sure it would make her more attractive. The rear-end is already picture of beauty

  • Fred Sampson

    If he goes down I wonder how long it will take for the beans to spill for Steve Sarkisian ? If Sarkision is under investigation I’m sure it will be used against him on the recruiting trails . Pat Haden you and that sorry Azz Athletic administration may have done it again !!!

  • to this day, both Southern Cal and Reggie still deny they did anything wrong!!

    we WANT to help you out of this, Tosh, but you have to give us something….now where did the money come from?? you gonna take the fall for Sarkdasian, while he cashes those $4million dollar checks??? where is your next check coming from Tosh??

    give us Sark…..and you walk with a slap on the wrist. be smart…..

    • TrojanFan3.0

      Why do you put so much effort into this blog?

      Please thank Mrs. bucket for the selfie

  • Golden Trojan

    And the only thing Lance Armstrong was on was his bike! If they all place nice with the NCAA they will get a slap on the wrist like everybody since SC got slammed for putting up a fight.

  • HeySUCs

    The over and under: Lupoi and Sark Busted. This situation will reverberate at SUC cataclysmically.

    • TrojanFan3.0

      Why are you so obsessed with anything related to USC?…… creepy!

      Sorry, I forgot you’re one of bucket’s misfits

  • TrojanFan3.0

    Damage control!

  • Brad Hutchings

    Lane Kiffin looked more than a little like Tosh.0. We should call Lupoi “Tosh.D0H!”.

  • B.Miller

    IF the Glove does not fit.. YOU MUST EQUIT