Fresno State Do Not Disturb Signs


Las Vegas hotels are getting into bowl spirit with these do not disturb signs for Fresno State fans.

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  • Henry Bibby

    That’s cool. Where does Lane Kiffin, Chris Petersen and Tosh Lupoi come into play?

    • FightON

      They were all seen in a room together right before they put out the Do Not Disturb sign! Word is that Bucket is there with them (but they locked Scott out!)

      • Ray Reyes

        Please do not feed the Charlie Buckets.

  • Cheap seats

    Hmmm.. what does the other side of the sign say?

  • steveg

    I saw they have these at all the Motel 6’s.

  • They should make one for Hadden that days “Out Scrrewing the Pooch”!!!

    • WEB_Dupree

      Okay, I laughed, despite the typos.

      • typos were both intentional!
        i spell Hadden that way just to be a jerk, and the word Scrrewing is blocked so i had to alter.

        • WEB_Dupree

          Problem is, “Hadden” just looks like somebody else’s name. How about Fadin’ Haden or Hadenough?

          • Those are good, but too cute. I’m going for annoying on this one.

    • Ray Reyes

      And one for troll charlie….beware of a so-called UCLA fan who infatuates with the Trojans and may actually screw your pooch, literally.

      • easy, No Neck. don’t go all Duck Dynasty guy on me.

        • Ray Reyes

          Is that all you got Charlie? Just calling me names?

          • Well it is a funny name, and it fits. Just feel lucky I like you Rey Reyes.

            People who I don’t like around here seem to “disappear”…

      • gotroy22

        infatuates is a verb?

    • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

      I’ve read some very funny comments on this blog but this was one of the better.

  • Toejam For Life

    The Toejams say “Out Beating the Dog with Todd McNair!”