How Awkward Would Returning To USC Be For Ed Orgeron?

Stanford v USC

Ed Orgeron would have to put aside a few concerns if he comes back to USC: He would he work under Steve Sarkisian, someone he probably still views as a young offensive assistant, which Sarkisian was when they worked together under Pete Carroll.

Maybe worse, Orgeron would now work under expected-to-be-hired defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox, another whippersnapper who Orgeron probably feels he is a superior coach to and would be paid more than. Does that mean it won’t happen? No. It just means Orgeron would have to swallow hard and deal with a less-than-ideal situation if he came back.

And how about No. 3? Would a return be an admission to Pat Haden that Orgeron was not ready for a head-coaching job?

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  • disqus_3OMU43bD2s

    Why don’t you ask him. Isn’t that what reporters do?

    • LamontRaymond

      Nailed it.

    • RFLee

      Scooter, do your job and go ask. That’s what your paid for.

  • Helen

    Orgeron would only work if Pendergast was asked to come back as DC. Perhaps that is the direction Sark is going if he’s talking up asking Orgeron. Scottie’s right (Jeez I had saying that!) that bringing in Wilcox as DC wouldn’t work for Orgeron.

    • RFLee

      Scooter gives a news break, then back pedals. He knows as much as our youngest Trojan fans…….hahaha.

      • Helen

        Actually ESPN reported it first and Scottie trolled and then reported it.

        • Joe Blow

          Like 2 hours after I posted it.

    • Cloud Shaman

      no way usc pays the one million buyout for a DC, who will leave in a year as a HC

  • Tom French

    He’s a big enough guy to handle an awkward situation. A week after the hiring, it wouldn’t be awkward. it would be a coach and the Trojan family who loves him.

    • Cloud Shaman

      1,000,000 per year is hard to turn down. Sark is showing he is a big enough man to make a second offer.

    • ;kjb;pkjb;kjb

      he is not coming and he would be smashed w negative recruiting about walking out on his so called family… I love coach O but he cant come back because it would be a side show we dont need.

  • RFLee

    Sark is extending the “olive-branch”, so let’s say CEO will either accept it, reject it, or accept it, then burn it. Anyway you say it, its up to CEO now.

  • rusoviet

    disqus has it right – while you’re asking Ed those needling question ask yourself why you don’t work for a national sports site say FSW, ESPN, SI.Com, WSJ Sports, NY Times Sports well you get the drift – how come?

  • Trojanpete

    There’s plenty of pride to be swallowed hard all around. Perhaps Coach O thought there would be more demand for his services as a HC. And perhaps Haden thought the players would get over Coach O quickly. With Oh my Gosh Tosh out of the picture, there isn’t an elite recruiter on this staff.

  • TDOG

    I think it’s awkward that Wolf keeps writing this blog, (somehow I still enjoy it, mostly for the comments – merry Christmas, Scott) – Lane Kiffin was awkward in that he kept coaching after the fan base turned solidly against him (get well soon, Lane) but Orgeron coming back will not be awkward because everybody loves him, and Sark knows one slip up at the coli and fans will be chanting. Only way to move comfortably into next season is to have CEO on deck – or at least make obvious attempts to get him back to save face.

    • Joe Blow

      Just shows how much confidence Sark has.

  • Ray Reyes

    How come all stories on here have a negative spin to them? And with little research done? How come I’m still reading this? Is this why there are soooooo many UGLY trolls on here? They enjoy the negativity and feed off it ?

    • ThaiMex

      Ray…(sorry, Chucker is unavailable..sooo I’m filling in)..Have you ever been to Thailand? There’s this indigenous group up North called the LONGNECKS. You outta check them out.
      fit Un!

      • TrojanFamily

        Someone ban that account on you Chuckles?

        • ThaiMex

          Chuckie had to attend a “few meetings”…He’s fine,..He’ll be back real soon.
          fit Un
          Acting CEO
          The Cadre, Ltd.

      • 1ThaiMexCleansMyToilets1

        Ray — You dropped the bait and Chucker’s butt buddy took it. Ate CLAP

  • gillyking

    Seems to me that it’s a desperation move to try to keep all the ;underclassmen that are contemplating leaving school early. Sark needs these guys, for any chance of being successful in 2014. Fight On

    • Joe Blow

      Maybe, just maybe, Sark is much SMARTER than YOU think.

  • Joe Blow

    Not at all. He’d we welcome back with open arms. He’d also be making $850K more than Wolf per year. What’s bigger? His EGO or BRAIN?

  • FightON

    Consider this: say Clancy returns. Our offensive coordinator would be the same. The defensive coordinator would be the same. There would be some shake up of assistants, but, how pissed off would O be to return? I’m sure he would feel that Haden passed over him to some other former, younger assistant that is coaching the same head staff.

    I’m disappointed that Sark decided to throw the Trojans under the bus to Simers. I hope this doesn’t show his mentality. If this is the mentality and Orgeron returns, there would be a split locker room.

    • TDOG

      i love u

    • Ray Reyes

      I believe Coach O understands things. I don’t think he would be “pissed off.” I believe he will know he is welcome back to such a high profile college and coaching staff. He knows he is loved at USC and USC wants him back.

  • ThaiMex

    WTF is wrong w/ you RAH RAH’s. If you want all the goody 2 shoes crap than sunshine pumpers know all too well….Go listen to/read anything by “Arbocrap”, Paskewitz, Abraham, or of those other YO Yo’s. There’s lot’s of alternatives…and you won’t be missed! Come on…admit it…the reason you LOVE Scotty and this site is because you get sick of “The Sun Shines Everyday” approach by those other AZZZZ kissers…and..because you ENJOY having your noses rubbed in your own $hit by they guys representing The Guys who OWN THIS TOWN!
    fit Un ladies!

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Do you also frequent all of the other USC sites?

      • ThaiMex

        Old habits are sure to break, right? I had hoped you were finished with the “creepy” stalking thing.
        fit Un!

        • Mike 70

          then own up Fred…

          • Mike, c’mon, get with it!!

            even Jezro has conceded his legenday “Walllin Conjecture” was, ultimately, wrong.

            while exciting, the whole episode reminds one of a valiant, yet failed attempt at solving Fermat’s Theorem.

            so the wonder and mystery of who Bucket is, may never be solved. but since i am rather advanced in age, i could just disappear one day. or, i could be here for many years more…


          • Mike 70

            Why in the world should we take anything you say at face value? You exist on this blog with multiple handles and personalities. You OBSESS on all things USC. Please make sure you donate your brain to science so it can be dissected and hopefully help future advancement. You must remember the movie “Three Faces of Eve?” Help science solve the “wonder and mystery ” of delusional, paranoid and obsessive behavior.

          • Jethro G Sabbath

            I never conceded nuthin’

            Don’t speak for me.

        • Jethro G Sabbath

          What kind of answer is that to a perfectly polite and legitimate question?

  • ThaiMex

    Ed will be arriving soon……he’s on the Sleigh with Santa and will be here soon.
    fit Un Dummy’s

  • jetman624

    He isn’t coming back. You don’t leave a team you turned around in emotional whirlwind and then come back after they won the bowl game you should have been coaching without you.

  • FMUSC81

    Sark would be a fool to do so…I’m a hugh CEO fan… But Sark is inviting a power struggle and risk dividing the locker room with the Junior and third year soph… against the true soph and fresh trying to impress the new coach… Every player loved CEO … It’s a double edge sore and a loss could bring doubt to the belief of Sark, Not to mention, If Sark loses a early game … how many people are going to be chanting CEO in the Stands… that is a PR nightmare for Haden and the University not to Mention the Booster and Alums who are on the ” I told you so” Bandwagon….Nice Gesture , but could really turn into Kiffen Part Duex

  • Fred Sampson

    They don’t need Justin Wilcox………Is he the flavor of the month or something ? What was so special about Washingtons defense while he was there ?

  • B.Miller

    Why would it be awkward? Not like hes got anything else to do.. Might as well come back to a job that wants him.. Sitting out a year will not bring a HC job

  • another DESPERATE move by Hadden!!!

    this basically tells everyone the players are still suffering separation anxiety and will not be “Sark’s Team” next year.

    CEO, remember, they need YOU more than you need THEM!!!