USC Morning Buzz: Marqise Lee Back To Old Self


The Trojans dominated Fresno State on Saturday with Marqise Lee (above) fully healthy and looking like his 2012-self.

“We didn’t want to make the same mistake we made last year,” Lee said. “Last year we had to apologize for the Sun Bowl.”

Here’s my story on game and Clay Helton’s status. Click here

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  • Gaaaawd! You think the trOXans won a bowl game against a real team!!!

    The bullDOGS are a crap team from a crap conference!! Who’d they beat? Rutgers?

    I didn’t bother to watch it! At the end of the day, Bruins violated trOXans in their OWN HOUSE!!!

    And I’m SURE the post game comments were all focused on UCLA and the Cadre!!!

    Even with this crappy win in the desert, we OWN you Bittches!!

    • TDOG

      I don’t see Ucla doing better than Miami did against the Hoakies, Hoakies win in a tight one 17 to 14 – ucla drops rank to 24 and Sc finishes with 10 Wins and a 21 rank – no Hundley next year, Ruins will cruise to a 7 and 6 tune in 2014, Sc will be a much improved team and best the 10 win season this year … Tha tha tha that’s alllll folks………. Chilling isn’t it?

      • your dream scenario is based on Hundley leaving??
        chilling for you, maybe, cause NO WAY he goes. not ONE person is telling him to go…whereas, everyone IS telling X Sua Filo to go because he pretty much going to be a first rounder and he’s ready. Hundley has UNFINISHED BUSINESS!!

        • TDOG

          Holy carp this is my third attempt to reply – guess Wolfy doesn’t like links or anything with dot com, my comment didnt make it thru checkpoint scotty — here, let me phrase it without a refernce link – You wanna know who is telling him to go? Ed Obannon. Try refer to article in profootballtalk dot com and read between the lines – its obvious he and Ed are on the same page thinking he needs dollars to make sense – typical Ruin fashion, no love for the school or the program

    • TrojanFamily

      Someone sounds like he’s off his meds

      • TDOG

        Haha who me or Bucket? Anyway, the real difference between a Trojan and bRuin is that in all actuality, we really don’t give a rat’s a$$ what the bRuins do – lose to VaTech, lose Hundley, who cares??? Its all about SC – jack wang writes about ucla, i dont read that stuff – i wont be watching the alpo dog food bowl game either, id rather watch Threes Company reruns

        • TrojanFamily

          I was referring to Bucket. He usually saves the douchey posts for his ThaiMex account

          • TDOG

            Hes kinda funny, but sad