USC Recruiting Rankings

With Jalen Greene committed to USC, the Trojans are now ranked No. 33 by and No. 31 by That includes 15 commitments though USC has backed off some of those commits like St. John Bosco wide receiver Shay Fields.

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  • TroyFan52

    What’s the total this year since they didn’t fill all last year? 20?

    • Steve_76

      19/20 depends on how you count. We had 20 but took in Simmons as a transfer so down to 19 for signing day

      • FMUSC81

        That’s right … I forgot about simmons … that Kid was a beast at TT

  • TroyFan52

    Got it. Thanx

  • 31st, really??


  • ProbationU

    Wolf…recruiting rankings in February may be fun talking points…but in December it is really meaningless. Perhaps an actual analysis of the recruits…you can even trash Kiffin again if you like over not recruiting enough kids for the OL.

    Do the poor Trojans need to subscribe to Scout to get good recruiting info like I do with my subscription to Scout for the Bruins? SC has been great in the past in their rankings under Kiff but didn’t really recruit to need. So, what are the teams areas of need and how are they doing in recruiting to fill that need might be more important than the number of stars a kid has. For example, Damien Mama has 5 stars and weighs 370 lbs. Can he really play at the D1 level at that weight?

    • TrojanFamily

      Great post. And rankings usually over rank physicality and underrate things like heart, coachability, knowledge of the game, and other intangibles. A great coach can take 3 and 4 star kids with big hearts, intelligence, and a willingness to be coached and turn them into winners.

  • rusoviet

    It really doesn’t matter where the recruit is ranked – the reason we had such an implosion can be tied exclusively, as many others have noted in the past, to Kiffin’s love affair with five star recruits and his subsequent inability to have a smooth working respectful coaching staff to understand where the recruits real talents were at the college level.

    Jerry Pasquitz on KSPN 710 AM yesterday morning made note of what so many of us forget – every practice at Howard Jones Field, is a chance for someone to be recognized and get promoted up the ladder to start. That was what Kiffin never bothered to use an example was upon his getting sacked Allen emerged as a quality RB.

    These kids come to Troy because they know they’ll be competing against the best nationally and all will have a chance at the NFL looking at them more than once because they play at USC. As to the rankings – frankly they remind me of Baseball America’s Top Rookies for 20XX – it takes more than raw talent – it takes a coaching staff tat knows how to mold that very talent.

    • HeySUCs

      Like Reggie Bush?

  • B.Miller

    IF USC needs WR’s.. Why would USC back of Shay Fields? BRING BACK COACH O TO RUN RECRUITING!