Steve Sarkisian And Ed Orgeron Situation

Why did USC coach Steve Sarkisian reach out to Ed Orgeron? A source within the program said the offer was probably made to make the players happy and show them Sarkisian is concerned about their happiness.

Orgeron is not believed to be interested, a fact even players are aware of.

“Coach O doesn’t want to be an assistant coach,’’ safety Dion Bailey said.

That appears certain with reports Sarkisian is trying to hire Washington State defensive line coach Joe Salave’a.

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  • gotroy22

    His making the offer publicly on the Sunday radio show showed he that Sarkiffian wasn’t serious.

    • Joe Blow

      Then Ed should call his bluff and say “yes”. You don’t know what you are talking about.

      • Now for once, THATS a good idea!!

      • gotroy22

        Then tell us why this wasn’t negotiated behind the scenes, NOBS.

        • Joe Blow

          What the f do you mean?

          • gotroy22

            I mean why was this done publicly on Pete Arbogast’s Sunday show instead of privately?

          • Joe Blow

            My guess is to quell all the negative talk that Sark doesn’t want O. So now it’s out. If he doesn’t follow through or it’s hollow, Sark will look like a jack @$$. Plus, it makes O look bad (somewhat) if he passes. Pouter.

  • Helen

    Every assistant coach dreams of the day they will be a head coach. Orgeron is no different. But if they all refused to take an assistant position until the head coach position comes around then we wouldn’t have college football and we’d have to watch soccer.

    • weisberg

      Cheerleader O The worst Head coach in Mississippi State history,please stick to recruiting.

      • Joe Blow

        Viceberg, Mississippi, NOT M State.

        • Joe Blow

          BTW, he was horrible.

        • weisberg

          Blow read it correctly, Merry Christmas Blow

  • FightON

    Swallow your pride, O, and come back. The pay will be good, the fans will love you, and if Sark fails you bet people are going to be calling for you to be head coach.

    FAU has hired their new coach. Reports claimed Orgeron was eyeing Wake Forest, but they’ve taken the man from Bowling Green. Where else is O going to go?

    • rusoviet

      Amigo it ain’t easy leaving the Golden State as all discover whenever they find themselves elsewhere – for Ed best to return to the south – I know NC-Charlotte, GA-So., GA St., Appalachian St. and Old Dominion are all coming on line next year as BS programs – why not begin coaching as a HC with a brand new entrant?

      • FightON

        Maybe he can coach one of those programs. Still – why did FAU not take a chance on him? I doubt they have the expectations that USC has nor will they match the salary. I love O, but he left without considering his options.

  • rusoviet

    Man this is a big mistake – he’s gone and move on – all this doesis add as FightOn noted – Sark encounters problems (and they all do) and now whose loyal to who?

  • Trogan Fan

    Sarknadooooooo! Best staff in the country!

  • Booyakasha

    Assembling the best staff in the country, my a**

  • tostevinUSC

    Wait are you saying Sark didn’t want O around? Why? Was he afraid of the possibility that O could school him? Maybe this article is being disingenuous in stating its facts. I mean Coach O is mean recruiter and a whole other level of enthusiasm. I don’t know too many coaches who wouldn’t want him on their staff.

    • Cloud Shaman

      I think Sark is a cool guy. His first choice was to give Coach a shot to work for him like Urban did for Luke Fickell. His second choice was to show loyalty to his coaches at Washington and give them opportunity. Coach O needs to do whats best for him since USC definitely did.

  • barry1817

    Ego, so much, and sometimes it stops people from seeing the situation.

    And SC really didn’t handle the search for the new coach in the best possible light.

    Makes on think that there is a lot more happening than meets the eye.

  • gillyking

    Orgeron is a Coordinator… He’s not a HC. His rash and abrupt reactions when Sark was hired are part of the proof that he’s just not ready to be the HC.. Throw in the fact that he stood like a piece of road kill staring at the headlights of the oncoming truck, with no serious game plan and definitely no adjustments to rectify the failures in both the ND game and especially the ucla game, also shows that he’s more cheerleader than he was the direct accomplished leader. He’s a great rah rah guy, a super recruiter and a great guy to go have a beer with (if he’s still drinking)… but a serious HC? Just watch how no one hires him for that position.
    Those kids played every bit as hard for Helton as they were for Orgeron.. they just wanted desperately to win and were glad to be rid of that inept loser Lane Kiffin.
    Ed Orgeron could have played the Sark situation with class and control, resumed his coordinator job at an incredibly generous pay hike, all while garnering tons more respect from the organization and the fans in Trojan nation. Then while gainfully employed in a job that he loved, he could have been tracking a HC job down the line.
    If by any chance he gets lucky enough to get a HC job, it will be somewhere non significant at probably 1/3 as much as he would have been making as a USC coordinator. Fight On

  • Cloud Shaman

    So is your ego, to know what is right for him. He is charismatic, the Pac 12 coach of the year and an ace recruiter. He will own car washes in LA.

    • Joe Blow

      Dwad, unlike you, I’m a realist.
      List all the qualities of a HC and tell me how many O has. So he did a great job WITH THE TEAM for 8 weeks. That’s a MINOR part of being a HC. You don’t know what you are talking about. He’s already made a ton of money. And now he’s LOSING $3k a day. Doesn’t say much for his brain. He’d make a great sidekick for Johnny Carson. But he wouldn’t be the host.

  • B.Miller

    Does Coach O think a HC job is just going to fall into his lap sitting at home baking cookies?
    He needs to go out and make a name for himself and 8 games at SC just isnt enough

  • sktgamerdudejr

    I don’t think Coach O wants to be an assistant at USC after how he got treated. While yeah he probably isn’t a headcoach, he still earned a right to put his name in as the coach there.

  • Rick Harkins

    Keep you hands off Coach Joe you sleaze bag.