25 thoughts on “USC Coaches: `We Need Jobs’

  1. i’ll bet they are loving the fact Sarkdasian is trying to bring in Bag Man Luptoi, and Dirty Talker Tuiasosopo onto the staff as he kicks them to the curb!!!

    more drama and BETRAYAL!!!

    • Chuckie: Is the fact that you troll a USC blog 24/7 as a so-called UCLA fan define the ultimate betrayal to your bruins?

      • i’m not the wolfman (that has go to be the DUMBEST of the Dummies’ conspiracy theories). although i WISH i was!

        and insofar as the wolfman being fired, HAWR-HAWR!!!

        he is going to be fired like the Dodgers are going to fire Clayton Kershaw!!!

        dont make me crotch kick you right before Xmas!!

  2. Hey there you filthy Trojans.

    Insults aside I thought I’d embrace the spirit of the season and wish you all A “Happy Holidays” and Merry Christmas to those who observe it.

    Be back to argue recruiting in 2014.

      • I’m sure you have your own theory, but it says to me that I enjoy a healthy rivalry with my cross town counterparts, who aside from a different allegiance, are not dissimilar from myself.

        But feel free to assign a personality flaw to someone you’ve ever met. Boy some of you guys are grumpy when you aren’t winning.

  3. Well those who were hired by Kiffin outlasted Kennedy Polamalu by a full year – this is the fate of all who coach for all who work in any profession (unless they work for the government/demokratiche) – go find another job – prove yourself and get promoted.

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