USC Morning Buzz: Uniform Question


Some readers asked me if USC wore different jerseys for the Las Vegas Bowl based on this picture. The answer is no. Nike’s jerseys this season featured a mesh design above the numbers and this picture illustrated it perfectly.

Why did it need to be mesh? So Nike could call it cutting edge.

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  • Golden Trojan

    Most teams would put the player’s name there anyway?

    • rusoviet

      USC is not ‘most teams’ anymore than the NYY are like the rest of MLB BTW the NYY don’t put the names of their players on the back of their uniforms either.

      The only reason the NFL does is that they’re forced to since they merged back in 1970 otherwise the Raiders would never have put the names of their players on their jerseys either – I’m guessing Pat Summerall was never going to know every player in the league as the national commentator on CBS.

      I so love the festive baby blue the bel-airians use…hmmm festive….GLBT approved festive….go festiveness this holiday season and understand GLBT had that term way before Seinfeld claimed they did….festive…bel-airians…GLBT approved!

  • rusoviet

    Leave the uniform alone i.e. whatever Nike offered in no way changes the iconic uniform itself.

    We are one of the very few programs that has not succumb to that idiocy – note: the NYY and LAD have never changed their uniforms since they both adopted whats they currently use (NYY – 1936 and Dodgers 1955) The St. Louis Cardinals KC Royals, GB Packers etc..

    USC has had the basic uniform they wear today since the mid 1940’s – minor changes – chevrons on shoulders and a logo on the helmet but the uniform is the same and also has no name on the back of the jersey.

    Leave it be – kids come and they go but the uniform (home or away) is what separates anyone who has worn it from nearly all the rest of college football.

    When viewers anywhere happen to see a football game on with the sound off they merely have to note the color combination and know it is USC

    • CardinalnGold

      Unless of course Iowa St. is playing. Their color combo is very similar to ours.

      • rusoviet

        Same with MN, MN shade of ‘gold’ is more of a slightly dark mustard shade – BTW IA St. wears different roadies.

        Imitation is the highest form of flattery

  • B.Miller

    Did Nike call it “cutting Edge” or are you just being sarcastic?

  • in all seriousness, those trOXan unis remain the ugliest in all sports. there is a VERY GOOD reason no other team wears those garish colors….outside of an intramural league for pimps.

  • Joe Blow