A USC Special Teams Stat Worth A Double-Take

I’m aware that strategy often dictates the length of a punt, especially at USC and the way John Baxter dictated punts, but this was a regular-season stat that sure stood out. Maybe Taylor Kelly deserved more than second-team All-Pac-12 QB.
NCAA punting stats
Rank  Player        School  Punts Yards    avg
162  Taylor Kelly    ASU     6         223    37.2
163  Kris Albarado  USC    75       2784   37.1


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    I can’t believe his average was 37.1. It seemed the punts were regularly under 35 yds.

  • Independent_George

    His punt were often short and rolled about 10 yards more.

  • TrojanFamily

    Wow. When you talk trash about punters, it’s a sloooooow news day.

    • Independent_George

      Usually, I would agree, but he is a scholarship punter at a time when scholarships have never been so valuable.

      Plus, Kiffin regularly bemoaned his scholarship numbers, while failing to mention that he gave two scholarships to a punter and a place kicker.

      And no one ever said about Albarado: “Hey, he really got us out of a few jams when we stalled deep in our own territory, and then pinned them back a couple of times.” They said that about Malone.

      When they did talk about Albarado, it was “Bad punt. Other team will have excellent field position.”

      • TrojanFamily

        Oh I don’t deny Albarado has been terrible (and no team should ever waste a scholarship on a punter). But the topic itself is pretty much beneath even Wolf.

        Steve Sommers, the brilliant WFAN radio host, once had the following observations about Ron Dayne (former NY a Giants RB)

        “We always know its a running play when Dayne is crying coming out of the huddle. But I would say this: I think the Giants should be able to trade him for a good solid punter.”

    • gotroy22

      His shanked punt in the first quarter set up the ruins first touchdown.

  • Helen

    I really hope Sark brings in a new punter – this scholarship has been wasted.

  • B.Miller

    OUCH! When a QB has a better average than an actual Punter.. Little Embarrassing for the Punter, does not reflect on the Special teams coach.. He did the best with what he was provided.. should have recruited a better kicker

  • Arturo

    It’s kinda like this blog: Joe Blow, Trojan Fan, and others provide better insight while SW is Kris Albaradoesque even though it is his primary job.