What Is The USC Fear Factor?


When Pete Carroll lost to Cal in 2003, he then tried to get Bears coach Jeff Tedford jobs at Nebraska and the Chicago Bears. Carroll told me he wanted to get Tedford out of the Pac-10 because he was competition.

In retrospect, it might seem foolish but remember Tedford nearly beat USC in 2004 too. Carroll wasn’t too happy when Jim Harbaugh (above) was at Stanford. So what fear does USC strike throughout the Pac-12 now?

Coaches were pretty happy when Lane Kiffin was at USC. What about Steve Sarkisian? I’d say the consensus within the conference is things will be tougher than under Kiffin but no one is really too disturbed about it either.

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  • Henry Bibby

    Making up stories again Wolfie?

    Is the Nebraska job better than Cal? Yes. Is the Chicago Bears job better than Cal? Yes. What was Pete supposed to do? Not help his friend get a better job? That’s what Scott Wolf would do.

    Honestly, I don’t even think Pete told you that. If he did, he meant it in humor. Obviously Pete was helping a friend get a better job, but continue with your troll blog…

    • Terry Palinski

      How about reporting that Clancy most likely won’t be back. This tends to make us think Wilcox is coming. I’ve also read some reports that Texas is going to offer Mora 5 million a year. I think he would be a fool to not go. Own station, highest money program in CFB.


        I read on yahoo this morning that Wilcox will be named USC DC after tonight’s bowl game.

      • Tom Oday

        Bleacher Report: Wilcox in after tonight’s game, Baxter gone. LAT.

      • Trogan Fan

        How much are they willing to offer Sarknado?

    • Joe Blow

      Pete told him NOTHIN’. If he did say that, it was tongue in cheek to get rid of Scott. I know for a FACT that NOBODY in the AD liked Scott and neither did any of the scribes. Scott was ALWAYS alone on the road games. I saw it.

      • G L

        Carroll regarded Wolf with open contempt. Can’t imagine him sharing such a story with him. Nor is it consistent with Carroll’s view of competition.

  • LamontRaymond

    Sure, Pete was running scared while winning 7 Pac-10 titles in a row. Real recipe for disaster. Most of us should be that fearful in our own professions. Let’s go, Wolfie, it’s post-bowl-game, let’s get reporting on recruiting, who is returning, etc. Your epiphanies are bordering on the juvenile.

  • Helen

    Another manufactured story. Carroll was all about competition and would never try and move the competition to another conference – why would he when he won consistently. “I’d say the consensus within the conference…” – really Scottie, you talked about this with coaches from other Pac-12 teams? The ball boy at USC won’t even talk to you.

    • Helen, you started out logical, and objective, at the Dummies ripped up and down, but now you seem to fall into line in an effort to “fit in” with the Dummies….was it worth it to act like a dumbbell just be win the favor or a bunch of jive turkeys???

      Or was it always your nature to be gross and negative (men, even gay ones, don’t like that)

    • Jack B

      Smart gal.

  • Booyakasha

    So I guess he’s now trying to get Harbaugh out of the NFC West and take the Lakers HC job?

  • Arturo

    Marcus Martin going pro- good player.

    • Booyakasha

      That’s a pretty big loss. He was our best O linesman.

  • Arturo

    Maybe SW should try and get rid of Gary Klein over at the times.

    • gotroy22

      Why when Gary Klein posts here every day as cheap seats?

      • Jack B

        Warning! Idiot post.

      • TrojanFamily

        Hi Scott!

    • Jack B

      Now that’s funny! However, Klein is actually a reporter. So he and Wolfie aren’t really in the same business. Sure wish Klein was putting this blog out. At least Kiffin would be long gone as daily lame subject matter.

  • pactenman

    L.A. Times article today about how Shaw is happy Sark is at SC….DUH. Has Sark ever beaten Stanford? With Coach O gone and Sark down here, Stanford looks to continue its domination over USC…after this year’s blip.

  • rusoviet

    I don’t know about Pete trying to get Telford another job but I’d says, based on the new schools (MO & TX A&M) and coaches (Mazlhan-Augurn) recently arriving in the SEC might just be a good idea for Saban to follow.

  • tostevinUSC

    Just thinkin out loud here; Do football coaches really give a Scott who the other coach is? “Oh no here come’s that bad Wolf coach from USC I’m not happy” (waving hands in silly gesture)

  • Jack B

    Wolfie obviously didn’t know or remotely understand Carroll.
    Still understands, however, how to work long gone Kiffin into another blog post. Just crazy.

  • B.Miller

    Im confused about this Post.. WHATS THE POINT? why are you still writing about LAME KIFFIN?