Meanwhile, In Tosh Lupoi World

During Washington’s announcement today on Chris Petersen’s coaching staff, defensive line coach Tosh Lupoi was reassigned to another position within the athletic dept. USC coincidentally still needs a defensive line coach, which shows how important Lupoi was to Steve Sarkisian.

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  • Jack B

    Wrong. Lupoi and Orgeron aren’t the only good DL coaches in the U.S., regardless of what Wolfie thinks. Staff has come together very nicely. One more piece is all that’s needed. Plenty of available talent to choose from.

  • TDOG

    All I can say is … “Whewww!!!” I was afraid that Wilcox and Tui weren’t going to come along which would be a bad sign… But, now we just Coach O to jump on board and it would truly be a special group – looking great so far imo – i think we might have a top 20 receuiting class which would be quite a feat during sanctions – we will see!

    • TDOG

      Typing on iphones sux!

    • Helen

      Agree. I would be just as happy if Pendergast was retained as he did a great job… but it doesn’t mean Wilcox can’t also do a great job. It really showed what a poor job Monte did last year with better material.

  • Helen

    Logic, logic, logic

  • FightON

    Shows how important Lupoi was to Sark? No, it shows USC compliance doesn’t want to touch Lupoi with a ten foot pole.

    Exit question: Lupoi is known for turning recruits on to the teams he leaves to. By all reports, he was working on recruits to switch to USC. That’s a little awkward, no?

  • steveg

    Question, is he holding that DL coaching job open for Orgeron? Lets hope so. He would be a great addition.

  • B.Miller

    Lupoi is a great recruiter… Not too impressed with his coaching, and developing D-Line players.. would really like Sark to focus more on building and developing coaches than recruiting coaches..
    Coach O was great a developing and recruiting.