• timtrojan

    Lets ask the real question does Scotty EVER come up with anything you cant read on other reporting sites. I’m starting to think Scotty should try for a job as intern at Daily Bruin

    • TrojanFan3.0


    • Jack B

      With all the little gutty trolls who live here, maybe they can give Wolfie some strong Daily Bruin intern recs, However, not sure little gutties would like reading about Kiffin’s tavern appearances and incessant lame USC speculation. I’m afraid we’re stuck with Wolfie and his in-the-gutter Trojan dedication.

      • TrojanFan3.0

        Half the ruin trolls are the product of one person!

  • rusoviet

    I don’t know but it sure looks a lot better than the crew Todd Graham took down to ‘dago tonight against TX Tech. AZ St. is on ‘der back ends – TX Tech 20 AZ St. 7.

    Mind you at the beginning of the game the announcers noted that TX Tech HC Kliff Kingsbury calls all the offensive plays and that Todd Graham calls all the AZ St. defensive plays – man is that telling!

    Question – how did AZ St. beat UCLA? (I understand why they smoked Troy uhhh let’s see do the initials ‘LK’ mean anything? But how did Mark Wahlberg’s doppleganger lose to AZ St.?).

    Man there is almost 3 quarters to go but Graham has the look of someone who wants to book for the TX Longhorn gig but realizes he has to beat TX Tech tonight and that has the bouquet of desperation!

    • TrojanFan3.0

      ASU’s defense is lost and TT is on it’s way to a record performance . Looks like a hangover from their lost to Stanford

    • betomas

      Arizona State looked like they didn’t even want to play in this game from the get go…they are making the Pac12 look like chumps.

      • TrojanFan3.0

        Was that game on basic cable?

  • TrojanFan3.0

    Let me start a more relevant pole:

    Is Scott Wolf(aka charlie bucket) one of the worst sports journalist in America?

    • betomas

      “Pole” must be a Freudian slip since, apparently, poles are all you think and write about, Fail.

      • You got THAT right!!

        • TrojanFamily

          Says the guy who mentions crotches on a daily basis…

          Something about the relative dark shades of the pot and kettle…..

          • TrojanFan3.0

            One word for waste bucket, Dementia!

        • 1ThaiMexCleansMyToilets1

          Up-Chuck (aka Wolf) loves pole. Fun to smoke, eh Chuck?

          • TrojanFan3.0

            Betomas is another one of bucket’s misfits. pathetic!

        • TrojanFan3.0

          Still doing a little flag pole sitting?….OUCH!

          Please thank Mrs. Bucket for the selfie. I made it my new avatar

      • TrojanFan3.0

        A nice soul-pole is what you crave….ouch!

        • betomas

          Now you are denying that you never attended USC and that you are a Cal Poly SLO grad that resides in a cruddy hood in North Las Vegas?
          I don’t need to pay for info I can get on my own 🙂

          • TrojanFan3.0

            That’s the whole problem, your sources give you bogus info. You’re more clueless than ever

            PS… Why massive hard on for me?

          • TrojanFan3.0

            That’s the whole problem, your sources gave you bogus info, You’re more clueless than ever!

            PS…..why the massive hard on for me, creepy!

  • In AMERICA??? Try about 9th or 10th in the PAC 12!!!!

    Fourth voting choice shouldda been “Chortle”

    • 1ThaiMexCleansMyToilets1

      Thanks Wolf.

      • TrojanFan3.0

        Tell bucket the “heads” need cleaning. thanks to Kiffin

  • Scsyco

    The winner of the Beating a Dead Horse award goes to…

  • B.Miller

    I know Sark said he was going to try to put together one of the best Coaching staff’s in America.. but you are REALLY, REALLY, REALLY. Dragging it out… gees!