USC Still Hoping To Announce Hiring of Justin Wilcox Tonight

Justin Wilcox formally severed ties with Washington today and as soon as all legal issues are formalized, USC hopes to announce his hiring, perhaps even tonight.

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  • TrojanFan3.0

    With all the former Washington coaches being hired, Haden should of negotiated a package deal

    • betomas

      Or, you “should of” learned how to write at Cal Poly SLO, Fail.

      • TrojanFan3.0

        You have a massive hard on for me, creepy!

  • jetman624

    Are we sure there are no other jobs or opportunities he would like to investigate before settling on USC???

  • Golden Trojan

    Does that mean no buy out has to be paid?

  • 1ThaiMexCleansMyToilets1

    Up-Chuck still hoping to prove that he is not Wolf.

  • rusoviet

    So much for the ‘weepies’ (bel-airians) rooting for the return for Coach Ed O.

    (If Troy is dumb enough to hire Coach Ed then Mark Wahlberg’s doppleganger will be able to call him and stoke Coach O’s anger with USC and have Coach O forward game plays to Mark Wahlberg’s doppleganger as well as go ‘female’ in the locker room at half time! Everybody wins especially that fruitopian who attires his skinny whitebread back end in ‘yellow and homoblue aka ‘the “sailor” en flagrante!’)

  • rusoviet

    OR 30 TX 7 – sweet! PAC-12 looking at 4 – 1 w. AZ St. against TX Tech this evening and the then bel-airians against VA Tech followed w. AZ against Boston College on the morrow.

    Go Pac-12 – oh BTW bel-airians try not to do a WA St. after all it’s not like Hundley isn’t thinking of booking (or is he).

    Dr. Zacahary Smith “Oh what a cruel cruel world….ohhhhh!”

  • john wolcott

    Huh, rusoviet?

    Either you are a writing genius or I am an idiot

    The betting line says I am an idiot, but the jury is out as to whether you are a genius

    • rusoviet

      Shhhh you savage! You need to respect the ‘event’ tomorrow. Pasadena.Rose Parade….hmmm….yes……
      ‘love is in the air – babee…love is in the air…babee.

      Look for the Grand Marshal Vin-dawg Chevrolet…hmmm vin-dawg….what is vin-dawg going to say? Nothing ‘cuz’ he’s the Vin-dawg – might as well as ask him what his ‘skinny; is on Yasier Puig gettin’ popped doin >110 mph – mind you w. mom, pop and his sister in de’ car – down Alligator Alley – Vin-dawg…suddenly having to ‘play the man’ – this clown got his gig w,. Brooklyn at 23 years of age – talk about ‘paying you dues’ huh? (We all know Vin-dawg has his minions already knowing to keep the media away frm the dawg name Vin…-Vin…dawg…TJ Simers favorite along w. Jonnie Wooden…

    • betomas

      ruso is definitely a little cra-cra, but we tolerate his reactionary, intolerant being because every once in a blue moon he drops a nugget of…of, umm…well, of something.

      • TrojanFamily

        It’s called “dropping a nugget of betomas/Chuckles”

      • rusoviet

        Ah praise from you two Caesar’s is praise indeed!

  • Helen

    Done deal Scottie, along with OL coach from 49ers – troll ESPN.

  • timtrojan

    As usual Scotty is way behind on everything. SC has hired Wilcox and new offensive line coach and Scotty has nothing on it. THE WHIFF

  • Joe Blow