USC Gold Medalist Wilbur Thompson Dies


USC has a glorious track history and one of its greats died last week. Wilbur “Moose” Thompson, gold medalist in the shot put at the 1948 London Olympics, died on Christmas. He was 92.

Thompson was also a member of USC’s 1942 NCAA title team and was the sixth-oldest living U.S. Olympic gold medalist at the time of his death.

UPDATED: Betty Boyd, the wife of former USC basketball coach Bob Boyd, died Monday in Palm Springs. She was 84.

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  • ThaiMex

    Wilbur????? Was that the guy with the talking horse? If so..then why was his nickname “Moose”?
    I guess I’m the “benefactor” of a few too many early New Year’s Eve cocktails (while celebrating the $UC Women’s Basketball victory!). What a way to end the year!
    no wonder you guys are all arrogant!
    fit Un!

    • FightON

      Kersplat! Lulz

      • ThaiMex

        Aunt Flo come for a visit? Try belting out that Helen Reddy standard, “I am Woman” a few times….I’m sure you’ll feel better.
        fit Un!

        • FightON

          That’s all you have? Come on. I’m yawning over here. First, we don’t have enough concessions and now we can’t even get good trolls.

          Tell me, how is CSUF working out?

          • FMUSC81

            lmfao!!! Happy new year Fight ON.

          • TrojanFan3.0

            Happy new year!

    • rusoviet

      Ohhh better get going to that ‘float’ where your squeeze is waiting for you to ‘make history’ by ‘flaunting your depravity’ as only GLBT can….do it frui)opian…sniffin’ and sniffin’ as only westside limousine liberals can…

      Waiting for your ‘gal pal’ ‘probe jo momma’ to ram his ‘nuanced’ skeen on this topic.

      Duke just fell to TX A&M in the Peach Bowl..

    • Joe Blow

      At least he won titles as a MAN. Girly On! beaner.

    • TrojanFan3.0

      You mean cheap beer!

    • TrojanFamily

      Trolling an obituary? Now THAT is classless.

      • TrojanFan3.0

        Remember, the lack any self-respect!

    • TrojanFamily

      You planning on trolling Betty Boyd as well, Summer’s Eve?

  • marvgoux1

    Moose was one of the Greatest Generation and Great Trojans. Condolences to his family as well as to the Boyd family.