Lane Kiffin To Tampa?

KIFFIN.MENUThe Tampa Bay Buccaneers hired Lovie Smith as their new coach. Smith is expected to make Jeff Tedford his offensive coordinator. Lane Kiffin is close to Tedford and loves the city of Tampa.

So is he the new wide receivers coach for the Bucs? How much damage can you really do coaching receivers anyway?

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  • Joe Blow

    “How many damage”? Are you kidding me? Are you that upset that you don’t know the difference between many and much? God, you need to get a grip.

    • Jack B

      It is bizarre, isn’t it? At least we got our daily dose of Kiffin bashing in. Hope some trolls/Wolfie imposters chime in about “How many damage.” Should be good.

      • Joe Blow

        They won’t know the difference!

  • Golden Trojan

    NFL receivers coach is a good place for Lane to regroup and restart his career. Getting as far from LA ain’t bad either. But Wolf we are moving on, Kiffin is 3 Head Coaches from SC. We need to boycott Kiffin posts from now on, I will, who will join me?

  • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

    Not as much damage as a big-breasted, bald homosexual can do to the English language.

    • Cheap seats

      Does he really sniff his own pharts?

      (can’t believe my last post got removed)

  • Reason

    OMG. Please tell me you are drunk. How can you be a reporter and not understand simple English? You are humiliating everyone in California right now.

  • Sportsblab Jones

    Wolf, you’re actually driving me to root for Kiffin. Please stop.

  • David Stewart

    What an embarrassment this guy is.

  • Cheap seats

    Wolf: we need an HOURLY update of Kiffin, please.

    btw – do you ever wonder why you’re still single?

  • rusoviet

    Hey Kiffin is doing something with his life and since all careers are based on assessment I’d say a number of programs realize he’s a lousy HC but a decent OC – good for him – out of So-Cal and off to the west coast of FL (awful place to be from May-October)

  • Arturo

    And I heard that the buckos were going to hire Wolf as their new beat writer so that Kiffin could punch him in the brain.

    • TrojanFan3.0

      Sooner the better!

  • Evil Robot

    Tedford and Kiffin are “close”!? SC almost brought Tedford in as a hired gun interim coach a few days after Kiffin was canned. By your idiotic version of “close”, Orgeron is first in line to be the godfather of Sarkisian’s kids.

    This sort of shoddy reporting can do “many” damage to the profession as a whole.

    Someday I hope you can realize that you and Lane have broken up and no matter how much you tell people how much you care about him, he’s just not coming back to you. Sometimes the head and the heart are just on different pages. I hope you can heal in your own way.

    • rusoviet

      Well you gotta admit – yesterday’s ‘photo’ of Lane deftly removing his sunglasses had ‘gaydar’ written all over it – ‘someone’ (I won’t mention who) ‘found’ that photo and ‘voila’ there it is for all of us to ‘drool’ over

  • steveg

    Receivers in Tampa? Nice gig. Good luck, good by.

  • grave soul

    It’s been too much fun ringing in the new year, but I finally made a bit of time to stop by to rub it into s-talking posers like Joe Blow (dude spends a lot of time on the UCLA blogs) who were absolutely sure that our Bruins would lose their bowl game and, thus, drop in the polls. Well suck on that lozenge, LOSERS!

    We decimated and picked apart the fourth ranked defense in the country! Unlike the shabby Fresno St. Bulldogs who got throttled by the “mighty mighty” San Jose St…what a joke usc is nowadays. LOL.

    • FMUSC81

      Days are better than decades little guttie … Still a step stool of college football in Los Angeles !!!!

      • grave soul

        The ONLY thing (athletically, academically, professionally, etc.) that usc has at times been better at than UCLA is at football. Otherwise, we categorically own you and you know it (but you just can’t admit it). The crazy thing is that we even own you at football and may go on yet another run into the foreseeable future.

        And that, amigo, is a bitter pill to swallow for your and yours. Have a better new year.

        • FightON

          Cool joke, bro. What’s made you come unhinged?

          • grave soul

            And that, amiga, is a bitter pill to swallow for you and yours. However, please elaborate, if you will.

            We “Gutty little Bruins” own L.A. in every way–always have and always will.

          • FMUSC81

            No kidding !!! Unhinged !!! The truth hurts !!! At “times “… Lmfao! Kemo!!! I guess 11NC 24 rose bowls 46-30 -7 etc,etc …. As you put it … Lol now step away from your dog okay …. Stop kicking him okay? Dry up your tears that keep spelling FIGHT ON !!!

          • ThaiMex

            U Stupid Clowns were THRILLED when Goat Boy was selected as head coach! How’d that one work out? You’ve just hired his TWIN, and now you continue with the DIARRHEA! When’s the last time you knuckleheads did anything Right (except suspending DUMB FAWK Pommee?). Your current Coach is a 500 guy. Your A.D. is…..well, a DRUNK! Your campus smells like WINO URINE, Your Football Team just laid down and played dead against UCLA (just like Baseball), but thank god you’ve still got The Kid’s Choice
            Yep….you’re right…The rest of us wish we were illiterate under performing “beneficiary” type Torgans!
            A great big Torgan “Fit Un!” shout out to all my torgan buddy”s out there!
            Fit Un!

          • Mike 70

            Hey Taco with grease running down your chin – how come you spend so much time on this blog if you don’t like us “beneficiary types”? Pure penis envy enchilada face. go back to your dual wide in San Berdu and clean the toilets. All you are good for…but keep coming back. We “beneficiary types” enjoy watching little gutties come over here and rant about their status in life. Oh that’s right, what status. Grease on taco…

          • TrojanFan3.0

            OWNED!!!!!! MASSIVE CROTCH KICK….OUCH!!!!

          • steveg

            The little weinie must be throbbing after all that little guy. You say nothing but take up space, total waste. Oh ya, I didn’t read what you wrote anyway dikwad.

          • FightON

            What are you, ten? Hey, why is California gutting your budget causing your researchers to flee? Lulz. Sounds like someone is scared. If you aren’t, why else are you acting like a child on a rival’s blog?

          • FMUSC81

            What did Thai mex say .. they he completely lose it ?

          • FightON

            I don’t know, but he’s been more unhinged than usual. Weird.

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Hi Chuck!

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    LOL Wolfie … ‘ cannot do much damage as WR coach ‘ good stuff.
    Anyone dumb enough to pay Goat Kiffin to coach or help coach has to be a complete moron

    • steveg

      Sucker born every minute.

  • Jack B

    Golden Trojan came up with a good idea. Let’s boycott Kiffin posts! Time to take a stand. It’s just stupid. Let the little gutty trolls have at it. I’m with Golden Trojan and have officially posted my last take on another Kiffin borefest. I’m In!

  • SaferInWestwood

    Wolfman just read The Mighty Bruins HC declined 2 NFL interviews.. .what’s the status on Americas best coaching staff, what kind of grade would you give Sarknados coaching hires???

    • TrojanFan3.0

      Wrong blog!

    • FightON

      Mora was an abject failure in the NFL. Why go back when they’ll fire him after one season? Lulz.

      You got the leftovers. Lube up, gutties.