Memo To Larry Scott

So the Pac-12’s nifty bowl arrangements mean there was only one game on or after New Year’s Day and games no one really cares about (yes, the Las Vegas Bowl fits there) are getting conference teams that are in or will finish in the top 25.

Maybe Scott can devote more time to this topic instead of having so many night games and making an enemy of DirecTV.

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  • TrojanFan3.0

    Still have an ax to grind with Direct TV? Basic cable must suck!

  • Joe Blow

    Again, Scott is jealous that someone has a MUCH better job than he does. What a shame. TF3, he lives in an apt that doesn’t allow Direct TV dish.

  • steveg

    Larry Scott is not going to be around much longer, the NBA or MLB will take him. Then perhaps the PAC12 can get some genuine marketing and we can all watch the games. At least that’s what I am hoping for. I still cannot believe he asked Colorado into the Pac12.

    • heyladysupville

      I sure would like to see a Pac 12 v SEC bowl game. I can’t be the only one.

      • Saul Goodman

        My great regret is that SC was never able to steam roll an SEC team in a bowl game during the Carroll era

        • Arturo

          They sure steam rolled enough of them during the regular season.

          • Saul Goodman

            Just Auburn and Arkansas right? I would have loved match ups against LSU and Florida during those years though

  • Independent_George

    Memo to Scott Wolf:

    Whether the Pac-12 Bowl alignments are good or not I don’t know, but there are only TWO bowl games anyone cares about, the Rose Bowl and the NC game. And the Pac-12 will always be in one of those games. Period.

    No one cares about the Gator Bowl, or the Cap One Bowl, or the Outback Bowl.

  • TrojanFan3.0

    Memo to the Daily News – Can you please advice Scott Wolf to post information relevant to this blog instead of expressing his deep affection for Lane Kiffin…Thank you

  • Fight On Forever!

    Anyone else notice how the commenters on Wolf’s Live Chats cater perfectly to his snide responses and hatred for Kiffen, Sark, and Haden?
    I know there’s a theory that Bucket is actually Wolf riling up SC fans to get continuous hits on his blog, but can he actually be choreographing these live chats too?
    I mean there was not one single positive or rational comment, just a bunch of irrelevant questions about Kiffin and Orgeron, and hypotheticals involving Sumlin and Franklin.
    Not to mention so many posts kissing Wolf’s butt. Someone actually asked if he ever considered moving on to write for Sports Illustrated!!
    Highly suspect considering there are so many LOYAL Trojan fans who can’t stand Wolf, yet not one commented.

    • steveg

      What exactly did you not post on the live chat that you would have liked someone else to have posted. Did you miss the live chat or just decided to not post your feelings on it. Not saying you are right or wrong, just sayin

      • Fight On Forever!

        I didn’t post anything on the live chat because I did not view it live. I was late to the party. But some of the things I’d like for him to elaborate on are why he thinks Matt Barkley is “pious” and doesn’t take responsibility for whatever Wolf thinks he should take responsibility for. Or which 3 star Boise and Washington recruits USC is going to poach. Or how about how Haden and this mystery booster he referenced came to their falling out. Or any of his other unfounded theories that are only meant to put down USC.
        His constant rib shots are tiresome, and while I know not all of the posters on the live chat could have been Wolf, I find it hard to believe that so many so-called USC fans would serve up snarky one-liners to him on a silver platter with such asinine questions.
        Plus if this is really how Wolf has been for years, how do USC officials even let him on campus? How has he not burned every bridge he ever had there considering he attacks every member of the program, the AD, HC, assistants, player, and recruits included.
        He even personally attacked a high school kid, and a very talented one at that, in Damien Mama by questioning his weight on this most recent live chat, and the “Baby QB” obsession with David Sills is just pathetic.
        I mean I understand how Wolf gets hits on this site because he’s a constant troll and I’m sure the typos are intentional to invite more comments even if only to ridicule him, but how does he still have content to report on when I’m positive no one within the program actually speaks to him, let alone gives him any worthwhile scoops.

    • ;kjb;pkjb;kjb

      Not to be his apologist but I certainly got a lot from it.. Now it may all turn out to be another CJ Spiller situation but I will let it play out. I do agree that there were very good teams playing in crap bowls. I think I speak for all Trojans that whatever we can do to get the meat and potatoes of the SEC on the schedule needs to happen.. How many other schools want this for any other reason than a payday? Anybody anywhere and thats the mantra!!

    • FightON

      The discussion is moderated, so many of the questions you see are being filtered by someone else.

      Wolf does occasionally have some good insights, but what little information he gleans is often untold or gets lost in pessimism and snark. If you have followed Scott for years, you know this is his MO and has been for a long time. He fancies himself the critical journalist. Still, the questions on recruiting or general atmosphere are interesting if not just to get his take.

      Scott should open an Ask account. People could feed him questions and he could answer, with details, at his own leisure. I think he would enjoy that format.

    • Cheap seats

      The theory that Bucket IS Wolf has many merits. Both fit the sexual preference and both know an awful lot of USC but always insist “the grass is greener” in Westwood.

      Common sense would also support the theory. What’s more probable? A troll posting nearly 10+ per day on a rival’s blog for over 5 years? Or Wolf logging in as several posters shortly after he publishes his blog?

      • gotroy22

        Gary Klein, you should worry about your own lousy newspaper going broke while you act as stenographer for Pat Haden.

        • Cheap seats

          When will you rah rahs finally admit that Wolf was right about Kiffin?

  • Jack B

    I couldn’t care less about DirectTV. Don’t need it. Never have. Never will.

    • gotroy22

      And it’s all about you.

      • Jack B

        Wrong nimrod. The Pac-12 provides the content (very good by the way!) and has many distributors. DirectTV refuses to bring the Pac-12 on board because DirectTV wants a very special deal that is not good for the Pac-12 Network. Therefore I am anti-DirectTV until they support the Pac-12 like other carriers. This is strictly business. Has nothing to do with me.

  • rusoviet

    Scott take a page from Kiffin – get a plan for life because if you don’t have one life has a plan for you and you’re not going to like it.

    This is your ‘end’? Writing as the pool reporter for all things USC for (what?) 6 – 8 local papers? Vincent Bonsignore is a darn good columnist as is Tom Haffarth – sadly you’ve done little to hone your craft – if you had you would have moved on from where you find yourself these past 20+ years.

    Why don’t you and your doppleganger female version ‘Jill Painter’ get married and become ‘one’ a Dr’ Jekyll Jill (nothing and I mean nothing is ever wrong with bel-air tech- just read her quarterly homages to jonnie) to two Mr. Hyde – you Scott (no matter what USC does it always stinks).

    Seriously Wolf time is unrelenting as it moves past all that have no plan to seize that one moment of relevancy – some day you’ll find yourself out on your ear because a faster, smarter and more insightful Sammy Glick just passed you on his way to a national reporter for ESPN

  • Chapelhilltrojan

    We are better with Bowls than we were before Larry Scott because we added the Alamo Bowl as our Number 2. What we really need is another New Years game and an SEC match-up somewhere.

  • Evil Robot

    I’m actually shocked that this isn’t somehow Lane Kiffin’s fault.

    So, I guess that all Larry Scott needs to do is get ESPN/ABC to go back on their conference alignments and financial commitments, then get Fox out of the Pac-12, while simultaneously having NewsCorp dump DirecTV. Given the easy fix to the whole thing, I’m just going to say its Kiffin’s fault.

  • LamontRaymond

    Nobody cares about those morning games on New Year’s Day – it’s all about the Rose (and, to a lesser extent, the Fiesta. [And the NHL Winter Classic, which was spectacular today.] I much prefer the evening games earlier in bowl season – when the games aren’t cannibalizing their audience.

  • sc 4 sc

    Pac 12 teams can’t get invited unless the rest of the country wants to see it happen. Ratings = $. And the rest of the country doesn’t care until Pac 12 teams have FANS THAT SHOW UP. Therein lies the problem, only USC fans travel to bowl games.

    • ThaiMex

      Sorry “Beano”….Nobody gives a Rat’s AZZZZ about some 10-4 team from South Central with a history of cheating, that goes into host cities acting like a bunch of renegade classless animals! If you’d have QUALIFIED for the Bowl game in El Paso,……do you think there was ANY CHANCE you would have been invited? Way to keep it CLASSY Torgans!
      fit Un!