Morning Buzz, Part II


Just a follow-up on defensive tackle George Uko’s announcement he was turning pro. Where does that leave USC? Antwaun Woods will replace him and Leonard Williams is back.

Kenny Bigelow comes off a redshirt year. Delvon Simmons is a defensive end but also weighs 300 pounds so he can play inside. And there is always Cody Temple. So USC is better equipped to replace him than say, center Marcus Martin.

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  • TrojanFan3.0

    Did you get any sleep? I see you were up past 2:00am trolling the blog under one of your numerous usernames. Thaimex is all played out, you need to retire him, plus he consumes way too many tacos and beers

    • 1ThaiMexCleansMyToilets1

      I smell the residual.

  • steveg

    Uko was filling a spot until someone else was ready to take over. We will be much stronger at the position next year, the guy will go nowhere in the NFL.

    • rusoviet

      If that’s the case why didn’t he stay? i.e. if he is ‘average’ then why leave for the NFL? if you see it scouts certainly do – he’d be a fool to leave rather than improve his value by staying.

      • 1ThaiMexCleansMyToilets1

        Thank you George for being a Trojan. Best wishes to you. If you can get paid, nobody can fault that. Make us proud !

    • 1ThaiMexCleansMyToilets1


    • pactenman

      Got to laugh at these loser fans who love a guy for staying and trash him if he leaves. Uko is a great Trojan and I wish him the best. Fact is, anyone close to the fence will leave this year….players see there is very little upside to the Trojans next year. I think players might stay if they thought there was a chance at a division or conf title…. Us fans have to take note of this

      • steveg

        Never was impressed with Uko. That simple. I have seen MUCH better pass through USC.

        • Arturo

          Quit hatin; he was more than good.

          • steveg

            I ain’t hating, just expressing my opinion. I don’t believe he was that good, period.

          • ThaiMex

            Sour Grapes from a Whiney RAH RAH….”he never liked him anyway”hahahahahaha!
            Torgans For Life????Torgan Family???….till they are thru using you!
            fit Un!

          • steveg

            The little boy comes out to play. Sorry.

  • Marv Elapes

    The reality is that kids looking to end up in the NFL, have no reason to stay. They can progress faster with more focus in the NFL than college, and get paid while doing it.

  • Evil Robot

    You forgot Claude Pelon. At the end of the day, they have four good, but raw, guys to replace him. Unless there are a ton of injuries, they should be fine.

  • B.Miller

    and Austin Malota coming in as a recruit