USC Morning Buzz: New Year’s Day Live Chat Edition

Happy New Year! I will be doing to a live chat today at 12 p.m. if you want to talk USC football or anything else.

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  • 22

    It was great to see Vin Scully in the Tournament of Roses Parade. What a wonderful man Vinny is. There is no one like him.

    This year’s president of the Tournament of Roses, Scott Jenkins is a USC alumnus.

    • rusoviet

      Oh yes let’s all ring in the New Year with a hymn that the 2014 Grand Marshal so richly deserves (maestro if you will)…..

      “Oh come let us adore him… for he fell into his lifetime gig at 23….he’s never worked with a co-announcer……vin-dawg chevrolet!”

      Talk about working hard getting up that career ladder huh?

      “Oh come let us adore him…..for all the suckups for him…..down on your knees you peasants…..Lord Vin-dawg is your god!” (and believe me this clown is for more than one thinks).

      Bring it back now – bring back the “How dare you!” “Who are you to even mock Vinnie?”

      blah blah blah

  • rusoviet

    On a lighter note – anyone notice the big ‘photo’ of John McKay when the ESPN camera first panned the south entrance to the Rose Bowl?

    Let’s win this thing and give us a 7 – 2 in bowls for 2013-2014

    Go Pac-12!