Marqise Lee Is On The Clock

MARQISE.LEE.TDUSC wide receiver Marqise Lee has until Jan. 15 to announce if he will turn pro. He is projected as a first-round pick by Some other USC players listed by the service include Dion Bailey (2nd-3rd round), Marcus Martin (3rd-4th), George Uko (3rd-4th), Devon Kennard (5th-6th) and Silas Redd (7th-free agent).

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  • TrojanFan3.0

    Why so low for Kennard?

    • B.Miller

      Kennard was in the wrong system for 3 years with Sr. Kiffin.. didnt help him get noticed at all.. actually hurt him and his skills

  • CRAP!!

    take a knee, wolfman, it is my duty to break this NEWSFLASH as much as it pains me, per BruinGold site, Hundley put up a youtube announcing he’s gone.


    well, now things MIGHT be interesting, although our back up Woulard is said to be a Hundley clone!!!

    • BearBryant3

      Good luck to hundley and any player that make a living off playing football

      • i agree, but i was hoping all the “experts” saying he should stay would prevail.

    • TrojanFamily

      Damn. Now you have to learn the name of a new QB.

      • i do like how he mentioned whipping Southern Cal both years he played!

        • Ray Reyes

          I’ll give you that Bucket, he played two great games against USC.

        • TrojanFamily

          It’s the golden age of Bruin football. A two game winning streak against USC and a magical Sun Bowl victory. It’s nice to see the program hit its apex.

          • steveg

            They are so high on themselves nobody else needs to say a word, which they aren’t anyway.

          • ThaiMex

            A few years back…the streak was 8 games over Fig tech! Two in the bag…only 6 more to go. How many head coaches will you go thru over the SIX years! Sarkiffian is a career 500 coach, he won’t last. He’s your FOURTH Head Coach in the last THREE MONTHS! One of these century’s, you knuckleheads might get it right.
            Torgans for LIFE!!!!!!
            fit Un!

          • realtrojan


    • Go Tama

      LOL, you actually have these idiots believing your crap, nice job buckshat

      • ProbationU

        It’s amazing that Bucket got the scoop. It isn’t anywhere else. I am sure that Brett wanted to make sure Bucket got the word first. AAAUUUUUWOOOOO!

        • Cheap seats

          It’s not the first time Bucket got the scoop on something.

      • Joe Blow

        Agree. The guy is a tool and total BSer.

    • Joe Blow

      Who’d be dumb enough to go to a site to get their computer hacked? Get back to the french fry machine.

      • “hacked” by going onto youtube??

        HAWR-HAWR! computer GENIUS!!!

        • Joe Blow

          When you get off the French Fry machine, I’ll have the janitor show you how the computer works. Only a moron would go on a blind link give out by an idiot like you.

      • ThaiMex

        Nubsie’s a GENIUS! Hacked by You Tube? Hey nubber….good idea…staying away from You Tube….the guy’s over there might figure out how to Steal your Private Jet, your Mansion(s) and your Yacht!
        fit Un BONEHEAD!

        • Joe Blow

          You’d be dumb enough to do anything. Typical bean.

          • HeySuxx

            Joey, I believe “bean” is extremely racist. The racial remarks just ooze from you like Traveler’s pinched loaves. Joey Latent, Succ Road Apple.

          • Joe Blow

            Poor Honey Boo Boo

          • ThaiMex

            Nubsie….you’re about to get NUKED!
            fit Un!

          • Joe Blow

            Haven’t yet Clipper Nation aka ucla football

    • 1ThaiMexCleansMyToilets1

      Wait, you are Wolf. So you did news flash this. Ah well. Ate CLAP anyways.

    • Cheap seats

      Why didn’t you just put this up on the main blog portion?

      I guess posting it in the comments section lets you off the hook if you’re wrong?

  • Go Tama

    Lee is going to follow in the footsteps of BMW, Soward and Jarrett, BUST CITY BABY

    • Sportsblab Jones

      Let me guess: your New Year’s resolution is to be even more unpleasant and mean-spirited this year. Great job!

    • HeySuxx

      Agree 100%.

      • steveg

        And your input is pure shet at usual. What a worthless individual terd.

        • Flagged

        • HeySuxx

          little tevie’s mad. mommy warm a bottle for tevie.

  • Henry Bibby

    If only Wolfie could announce he’s leaving.

    • deutsche trojan

      Henry, i fully agree but as a free agent would he have any takers?