Marqise Lee Career Mark

LEE.ASUA year ago it was a given Marqise Lee would finish his career as the all-time USC leader in receptions. But after suffering injuries this year, Lee finished with 248 career receptions, which is four short of former teammate Robert Woods, who is No. 1 in school history.

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  • TrojanFan3.0

    Can you get extra pancakes with the new breakfast platter?

  • Joe Blow

    Congrats. Don’t be like Williams. Work your @$$ off!

    • I’ll bet marquis appreciates the crazy racist telling him not be lazy!!

      Thanks for the dumbbell, GUMBALL!!!

      I mean, thanks for the GUMBALL, dumbbell!!

  • ThaiMex

    Typical $UCks “SOFT”, Head case.
    Big time trouble for Southern Cal Q.B…..Yup…Barr and Zumwalt R Gone,…but this guy Zach Whitley is gonna bring the LUMBER and continue the fine tradition of putting Q.B.’s on the sidelines!
    fit Un!

    • FightON

      How does it feel to live in the deep end, HeySuxx?

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        • marvgoux1

          Are you saying FightOn isn’t a woman?

          • FightON

            Aww. Did I hurt your feelings? Poor baby.

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          • Well, does it SOUND like a woman you’ve ever known??

            It’s T- Fail, and he needs help. The blog has cracked him.

        • FightON

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      • HeySuxx

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        • FightON

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    • Cheap seats

      Do you think Barr and Zumwalt KO’s were impressive?

      I don’t recall either of them having to fight of a single block on either play.

      I think even Wolf could’ve made both of those lucky plays.