What Is Recruit Malik Dorton’s USC Status?


I’m not surprised USC is backing off some recruits since Steve Sarkisian was hired. Wide receiver Shay Fields was a late commitment to Ed Orgeron and going to Boise State before USC offered. Defensive lineman Austin Malaota is the type of recruit that I can see a difference of opinion between coaches.

But the persistent talk that USC’s backed off some on defensive end Malik Dorton seems curious. He’s been offered by Oklahoma and Nebraska, which is indication he has potential. I’ve heard his performance in games this season did not thrill the new coaching staff.

At the end of the day, Dorton could still wind up a Trojan. But if he doesn’t, it will be a rare case of a four-star recruit being dropped instead of the other way around during a coaching change.

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  • rusoviet

    Both NE and OK have tendered him offers while Troy is moving on shouldn’t be a mystery – both NE & OK have rosters to fill and all schools are always looking to snag a decent player from out of state to keep other prospects noting where their former teammates landed.

    The real question is whether Sark, while at WA, offered Dorton a position – if he didn’t then there is your answer – he saw what there was and chose to look elsewhere. NE & OK are shooting in the dark – they don’t have anywhere near the contacts or physical presence to look more than once at Dorton.

  • tim chaney

    could regret not taking care of the bosco boys….

    • FightON

      My thoughts exactly. They have a lot of talent we want to tap.

      • HeySuxx

        Wow, Lose On, Spock’s apprentice, performs the Vulcan Mind Meld on Tim Chaney. Tim was it good for you? Lose On is just practicing so he can tap Bosco best FB prospects for Succ: the starship university.

        • gotroy22


  • Marv Elapes

    We don’t have all the info that the coaches have. If it’s true, there has to be a reason. Next year we’ll be able to load up on players.

  • Arturo

    Time will tell if Sark is good at evaluating talent.

  • TDOG

    Uh ohhh – breaking news, looks like Ucla will continue their ownership of los al – both hindley and moro staying oh well looks like they lucked out – found this interview on youtube; http://youtu(DOT)be/GYwSIP78Om0

  • Joe Blow

    Joseph B. Lowe here. If you get tired of this site, go on over to Big Wang’s site. Those bRuins are a hoot. Throw some chum in the water and they get all over it! Hilarious. I’m taking the weekend off from Big Wang.
    The bRuins are boring me. BTW, Cadre meeting next week.

  • Wayne Lusvardi

    We have to remember that the perceptual situation of USC football program under Lane Kiffen changed radically for the better under Ed Oregeron. But this still left USC with trying to dig for the best athletes locally rather than reach out to the national or regional market. Now that the head coach and coaching team has been named and USC won 10 games and a bowl game, the perception has changed again. USC might be able to move up in the recruit marketplace if it feels it can do so. This might leave some previous commits in the lurch. There has to be a sorting out process and as we know some commitments may end up not being solid. But USC can offer new recruits the opportunity of playing early instead of sitting on the bench at other programs. That is a big incentive. How many more Buck Allen’s are out there or already on the team or committed?