Bryce Dixon Commits To USC

Tight end Bryce Dixon just announced at the Army All-American game he would attend USC. He is ranked the No. .3 tight end in the nation by

“`I think I can keep the tradition going of good tight ends,” Dixon said.

One caveat: Dixon will visit USC and UCLA this month and today’s commitment is considered soft in some circles.

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  • weisberg

    Mr. Dixon ,still visiting the gutty little Bruins in January.

    • Joe Blow

      Viceboig, you can show him around

      • TrojanFan3.0

        Bucket might show up in one of his new 2014 jockstraps.

        • Joe Blow

          I heard he was sniffing around the laundry room at the Rose Bowl. The Alcindor special is perfect for bucket…’s an “elevator button cover”.

          • TrojanFan3.0

            “elevator button cover”…..LOL!

            The nose knows!

            Hung like a pimple…must suck to be him

  • rusoviet

    This is the moment that Kennedy Pola has been fearing – can he sincerely convince a recruit to go to UCLA? Prior to last September he could i.e. Kiffin was still in control ‘maybe’ even with Oregeron still there but not now. What will be the words thrown around if the recruit begins to lean back towards Troy? How’s Pola going to absorb the trash uttered against USC?

    Pola may very well find himself as one who is not trusted by where he finds himself today – i.e. David – book of 1st Samuel Chapter 29

    • Ben Factor

      I predict that UCLA is going to get their share.

      However, Dixon is a big deal, because of his great talent, and because he wasn’t “pre-recruited” by Sark.

      Well done!

    • Trogan Fan


  • tomas89

    Lets be honest: aren’t all verbal commitments considered “soft”? After all, these are young impressionable high school kids who change their minds constantly. Its not until they actually sign on the dotted line! Talk is cheap!

  • Toejam For Life

    He loves not being thrown to so he made the right choice!

    • TrojanFan3.0

      What are you talking about, Sark loves to use the TE in the passing, ignorant!

  • Arturo

    pretty good catch and run at the Army Bowl,

    • ProbationU

      Yes..but does he want to comPETE? šŸ™‚

      • FMUSC81

        No he wants to go to the NFL

        • TrojanFan3.0


          • ThaiMex

            That is just sooooo Typical Classy Torgan like! (knowing the only way you are gonna be successful in the PAC 12 South is if something negative happens to your “BIGGEST RIVAL”!) Forget about trying to improve your own program…That makes too much sense..and actually requires planning and execution. They don’t call it SCUm for nothing!
            fit UN!

            ( UCLA fans couldn’t wait for Barfy to come back with all that UNFINISHED Business crap).
            That deserves a double FIT UN!

          • steveg

            Biggest Rival = Notre Dame. The little sisters of westwood come in on down the line. Again, we really don’t think about sucla very often, that’s why we are on a USC blog. TA TA

        • rusoviet

          Which means how good a qb does USC have? They have a proven one in kessler with a quick understudy in Brown. UCLA on the other hand, after Hundley esp. if Hundley books within the next 2 weeks, what then?

  • Arturo

    Good strategy, Sark: Load up on Ath then let them battle it out for playing time on D or O

  • B.Miller

    6’4 – 218 Lbs.. He will be a great WR.. USC needs WR’s..