What Position Will Rahshead Johnson Play?

Rahshead Johnson of Long Beach Cabrillo is officially an “athlete”  but what does that mean for USC? He was recruited by new USC assistant Keith Heyward, who coaches defensive backs.

But Steve Sarkisian spoke to him about playing offense, which is what Washington recruited him to play before Sarkisian left. It might depend on whether Adoree Jackson comes to USC. Jackson prefers wide receiver but if he went elsewhere USC might want him at WR because Sarkisian said the Trojans are thin there.

And it could also depend on whether cornerback Josh Shaw returns for his senior season.

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  • FightON

    I would have to check Washington’s stats, but no huddle, up tempo offenses have lower times of possession because they score so quickly. That means more time on the field for the defense, so Sark may be cashing in on athletes hoping they can play on both sides of the ball. Jack proved this could be done with success and with Sark focusing on conditioning of players, the players tiring may be less of an issue. At the very least, he may put the players in the line up.

    We’ll see.

    • FightON

      And the stats:

      Average time of possession in the PAC 12 is around 29 minutes, 41 seconds. By comparison, Oregon is around 14% less than that at around 25 minutes. They have the lowest time of possession. USC, by contrast, has the highest time of possession at around 33 minutes (or around 11% more). Washington has around 28 minutes or around 4% less than the average. So not as blistering as Oregon, but the defense is on the field an extra few minutes.

      • 22

        Hi FightON – When Steve Sarkisian was SC’s offensive coordinator, I asked him about time of possession and he said it was the most over-rated statistic in football. No problem for the offense, but I doubt many defensive coaches would feel the same way. I am concerned that Steve’s up tempo offense will not have the defensive depth to support it in 2014. Time will tell, but I am optimistic that SC’s conditioning program will improve.

        • Cheap seats

          Another thing hurry up offense does is it hides offensive penalties more — especially with Pac-12 ref crews. Oregon’s coaches likely know this and while they may run much more plays, their penalties per snap is much lower than the rest.

    • ThaiMex

      Good stuff Fit Un!….if you want to succeed and have a winning football program over in south Central just do what the Bruins do…Copy Cats!
      Of course there are things you haven’t taken into consideration…but the biggest….
      It’s all those SPECIAL ADMITS with those dreaded character issues! you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig!
      fit Un!

      • TrojanFan3.0

        3 AM, trolling the the blog with the same lame material. Looks like the insomnia is still an issue. It must really suck to be you!

        PS….does Mrs. bucket wear lipstick….oink oink oink!!!!

      • FightON

        Come on. I told you to troll better than this. Sark has been doing the hurry up offense for years, so it’s less about copying UCLA and more about Sark implementing his own style. My point is: with the sanctions that style of play leads to shorter times of possession on the offensive side and longer times on the defense. Sark may implement a no huddle, hurry up, but he has to think about depth issues and tiring out an already thin defense, thus Sark may have to adjust his style if this happens.

        Plus, check out UCLA’s time of possession (which is indicative, conversely, of how long the defense has to be on the field). UCLA is only about 2% faster than the average in the PAC 12. It’s not the blistering speed that Oregon has (Washington doesn’t have this speed either).

    • TDOG

      Holy kraap, this is exactly why women shouldnt talk football! “We’ll see” she says… at least you got the grammAr right! Grow some nutz and make a prediction! Its funny how you said none of my posts are insightful, like this load of crap is??? I am the one who predicted the Royal Purple final score to within a Field Goal you HORE!!!

      • steveg

        sound like a child having a little tantrum. Real mature.

        • ProbationU

          Expecting maturity on this site? And this guy is one of yours. Not that you want to claim him. Everybody has that ONE relative they would prefer to forget.

          • Jack B

            You’ve got way more than one over here.

          • ProbationU

            We don’t know how many it really is, but point well taken.

          • gotroy22

            You are one of the worst of our fans.

          • Jack B

            And you are definitely the stupidest.

      • FightON

        Real insightful to name call. Lulz. How old are you?

        How’s the deep end? Ask HeySuxx how he is doing while you’re there, okay? He was flirting real heavy on me last night. It was cute, but I think he’s worn out.

        • TDOG

          Please post a picture, I am soooooo curious… <3

    • Trogan Fan

      They score quickly? Haha

  • Larry Harris

    Can he punt?


      Seriously… I wonder if Malone has some eligibility left. USC’s punter is HORRIBLE.

      • marvgoux1

        Are we recruiting a punter or are any decent ones walking on?


          Not that I have heard. But they definitely need one.

      • Larry Harris

        I disagree.
        He is not that good.

  • Ben Factor

    It’s all about coaching up the training methods to reduce injuries.

    USC has superb WRs, even without Marqise. They just have to make it through the season.