Mark Wahlberg Found Way To Enjoy USC-UCLA Game


Actor Mark Wahlberg attended today’s basketball game but he didn’t seem too interested by the rout and who can blame him? Wahlberg left midway through the second half.

Danny Moloshok/Associated Press

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  • Joe Blow

    I’ve done 4 of the girls in the photo.

    • Sure you did Elmer Fudd, was this at your mansion or yacht in Upland??

      • Joe Blow

        Manhattan Beach…Joseph B. Lowe

        • Elmer

          • TrojanFan3.0

            How’s life in the IE?

        • ProbationU

          Joseph B. Lowe deck looking for a sailor is more like it. Dream on about the cheerleaders. Have they lifted the restraining order on Joseph B. Lowe as of yet?

  • Hey SUCLA sucks it!

    Hey SUCLA will be so turned on.

  • Golden Trojan

    In typical LA fashion, he probably showed up half way into the 1st half!

  • FightON

    Why is he giving the finger? Better yet: who is he flipping off?

    • Joe Blow

      That’s not a finger! It’s bucket….excited

      • TrojanFan3.0

        LOL!!!….GOOD ONE!

        Crotch kick!!!!

  • FMUSC81

    Ugliest cheer squad in the PAC… being in Los Angeles… you have to try to accomplish that.

    • Ugliest??? And they say I’M gay!!!

      You sound like a punk kid. It’s really rare to ever see an ugly cheerleader even on small schools squads, they may not be cover girl knockouts like these beauties, but talk like yours is just dumb. The trOXan gals have slipped a wee bit lately but every one is still a stone babe.

      You Dummies seem to keep getting dumberer.

      • Cheap seats

        We’re taking about the FEMALE cheerleaders, Bucket. Not the guys who hold their a*ses in the air..LOL

        btw – the Spirit Squad girls are “girl next door” hot. The Song Girls are….barbie dolls.

        To each their own. I’ll take the former.

        • If you would only Friend me and stop this cat and mouse game, I’ll have YOUR a*s in the air…

          • FightON

            Stop it. You are not a top.

          • Cheap seats

            Haha.. it’s obvious why he picked Westwood!

    • marvgoux1

      Get real Oregon and UCLA have better looking girls than we do now. I blame Pat Haden.

      • Cheap seats

        Apples to oranges.

        Oregon has had the best for a good while now. However, most look like they’re 28-29ish??

    • Saul Goodman

      Look, I can not stand UCLA but there is nothing ugly about those cheerleaders

    • TrojanFamily

      Oh please. Those are beautiful women in some gorgeous feminine colors. Baby blue makes anyone look feminine.

  • He likes Winnners, not Quitters.

  • Let’s recap:

    Mora > Saban
    Hundley back!!
    TrOXans Quit on Enfield!!
    30 pts beatdown of trOxans!!

    Uh oh, I’m getting that tingly all over!! And I do mean ALL OVER if you know what I MEAN!!!

    • TrojanFan3.0

      “Uh oh, I’m getting that tingly all over!! And I do mean ALL OVER if you know what I MEAN!!!”

      Tell bruinrob not to stop….ouch!

      PS….are the toes curling?

  • Cheap seats

    There are some photos that Bucket….I mean — Wolf takes that makes me wonder if he’s actually straight.

    • Joe Blow

      He’s not.

      • Cheap seats

        I know. No straight man would talk with that accent….or be a Facebook fan of pride cruises.

    • cheerleaders are drawn to the wolfman like moths to the flame!!!!

      • Cheap seats

        It must be the washboard abs…

        Or they think he/you can style their hair?

  • TrojanFan3.0

    Mora in drag!