USC Fields World’s Oldest Freshman According To Fox


Check out the age of USC freshman Nikola Jovanovic (114) on today’s Fox Sports 1 telecast. Typical for Fox of course.

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  • Joe Blow

    According to FOX, Scott is the oldest living male still in his mom’s basement. But only 1 month older than bucket. Wait, bucket is not male.

    • Jeeee-ZUS!! Am I an your head EVERY minute of the day???

      Hope you’re enjoying the legalized rape demonstration on fox sports!!! Enfield is pulling a TRAIN today!!!

      Choo-CHOO, bitcches!!!!!!!


      • Joe Blow


  • Wolfman, it looks like the Bruins are gonna hang 114 POINTS on the trOXans today!!!

    trOXans are playing like little girls!!!

    • gotroy22

      95-60 with 5 minutes left, we better improve by the time of the rematch at Galen.

  • Helen

    What! Scottie spots a typo?

    • Larry Harris

      A typro?
      Nah…They were just talking in dog years.

  • Gollum-Wolf

    Gargamel, the queen of faux pas when it comes to editing, grammar, spelling, syntax, etc., casting stones at others…

  • Cheap seats

    That graphic was meant for HeySuxx. He actually is 114 years old.

    • HeySuxx

      Still throwing sand from your sewer sandbox when you can’t stand the truth. UCLA 107 – succ 73.

      • Cheap seats

        You know that’s what you come here for…

        Your USC season ticket rep will be calling you soon to renew. Are you staying in the same section?