CB John Plattenburg Switches Commitment From UCLA To USC

Cornerback John Plattenburg of Houston committed to USC this morning after originally committing to UCLA. Plattenburg. He is the No. 34 CB in the nation according to Rivals.com.

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  • TroyFan52

    Good news. Wolfman when is the schedule coming? Any day??

    • FightON

      USC’s football schedule? FBS Schedules has it, though the dates are not posted. FBS has all of the home, away, and out of conference teams decided.

      The site says:

      Home: ASU, Cal, Colorado, Or St

      Away: Arizona, Stanford, UCLA Utah, Wash St

      Out of conference: Notre Dame, BC, Fresno

      • Sportsblab Jones

        Arkansas State and Idaho in 2015?! Ugh, not as bad as the SEC but nothing to be proud of.

      • Trogan Fan

        I count 4-5 easy losses for the Torgans next year. ASU, Zona, Stanford, UCLA and probably Notre Dame. Fresno too if Sarknado isn’t careful!

    • SonOfWestwood

      This is a good pickup and it stings to lose him because he’s been “committed” for so long. Can’t blame a kid for wanting to play for his childhood favorite though. If you can make a dream happen then ya gotta do it.

  • timtrojan

    He must not have seen the banner in the UCLA bookstore.

    • 49erMcKay

      You’re right, there are none! Lol he saw holiday bowl and K-mart Bowl banners in UCLgay and then saw National Championship banners at USC…

  • good luck to this kid….he didn’t really have a chance at playing for UCLA so this is a win-win.

    way to BE, wolfman!!

    sweeet scoopin’ like a two headed melon baller before 9am!!

    • PS: email from Alford to Enfield:

      “welcome to the Pac12, sonny boy”

    • TrojanFan3.0

      Stroking the ego!

  • TroyFan52

    Bleacher Report beat him to it Bucket. He ain’t that fast! I’m sure he’s following James Franklin on twitter somewhere!!!!!

  • FightON

    Here go the trolls: “He wasn’t that good anyway.” So predictable.

    • Trogan Fan

      nah, he’s good. Can’t win ’em all.

      • ProbationU

        I am sure he is a good player. His Mom went to SC…and it really doesn’t hurt UCLA because we are loaded at DB and SC is not that deep. Bruins need running backs more than D-backs at this point.

        • FightON

          Nothing is official until signing day.

    • anno nimus

      Since Wadood committed 2 weeks ago, it was reported that Plattenburg would decommit, we have a bottleneck of DBs, with him it was 6 DB recruits, so it wise move for him. He has a better chance playing at USC than he did at UCLA. Congrats on your 3-star DB, I’m sure your excellent coaches can make him the best DB in the Pac-12.


        At first you sounded like a rational person making a solid point, until that last line where your true fucIa troll colors came out.

        • anno nimus

          Excuse me????? Are you doubting the coaches’ abilities?

          • FIGHTONtoVICTORY

            sorry i meant your last few lines. He was a solid player until he switched his commitment. I’m sure you weren’t using any sarcasm.

        • FightON

          A UCLA troll making fun of 3 stars is rich. It really, really is.

          • Cavy Mac

            Troll Prolly never played football

    • HeySuxx

      He wasn’t that good anyway.

      • steveg

        We knew the idiot for the year would say it, it was just a matter of time. Congratulations son.

  • rusoviet

    Listen my children and you shall hear of the anguish cries and Jim Mora’s tears. On the 6th of January in fourteen there came news of a tragedy but who to blame?

    “Pola’s the one!” The mob did yell “Let’s try him with out pet kangaroo and send him right to h3))!”

    Never did they consider the basic fact that bel-air tech ain’t got jack!

    “Stand by!” the cardinal and gold did cry “For more of the same as you bel-airians cry!”

    What a telling body blow to ucla my sucla!

  • Trogan Fan

    Good for him. Kids should play where their hearts say. Shame his heart is with 7 win Sark! Sarknadoooooo!

  • B.Miller

    Sounds like Sark just picked another pocket..
    Saban now WHORA!

  • King Gabriel

    Descent pick up. He would’ve had a hard time getting pt at UCLA. Bruins All Day Everyday!!

  • steveg

    Scott, I don’t see why you run a USC vs UCLA thread when every thread you run turns out the same. Little trollies filled with jealousy and hate come out every time and ruin it, as if they had something worthwhile or new to say.

  • Maxximumlegalcenters.com

    You UCLA jerks kill me with this 2 year celebration. Enuff is enuff. The only reason we don’t have every recruit we want is the sanctions!!! which will be over real soon. Your shine is about to end soon, because we are about rain on every parade you think you might. have.. UCLA what a joke.. Like they even matter. Hundley is gone after next year and its back to normal. We will have all of our scholarships and rest assured we will be back on top. Fight On!!!!