Fox Network Strikes Again

The Pac-12 championship game will be on a Friday night next season instead of Saturday like a real conference because Fox Network has the game and wanted it moved up a day because it also has the Big Ten championship game.

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  • LamontRaymond

    Better Friday than up against another conference title game like this year. That was ridiculous.

    • rusoviet

      Absoultely right

    • sureshot32

      Totally disagree. Put the game in a traditional time slot. Those who want to watch will. Those who don’t, won’t.

      In addition to being on at a time most college football fans aren’t used to looking for a game, it also reduces the practice week and increases the chances of a sloppy game. Not to mention, with reduced scholarships, USC players could use the extra rest when gearing up for their first outright Pac-12 championship.

  • rusoviet

    Look you think we have it bad? You have no idea none of you how awful it is to live back east – MNF @ 8:30 pm? MLB World Series @ 9:00 pm – on and on – heck even major political addresses by the president or a new conference are held @ 8:30 pm back there – this has been the case for over 35 years – roll with it and be glad that we are getting a ‘solo’ telecast on a national network I mean how the heck ESPN juggled those 70 bowl games is beyond me ‘but; they used a lot of their own ESPN-1 etc. to do it and that is the last thing we need is trying to compete against the Big 10 or SEC – ain’t going to work boys and girls be grateful it is solo on Friday

  • marvgoux1

    Nobody back East watches Pac 12 games that begin at 9 or 10PM.

    • rusoviet

      Understand it’s a Friday night – bars are jammed with revelers – NYC has specific watering holes that cater to specific teams/schools/conferences. Saturday ‘may’ look better but most bar hoppers don’t stay in the city they go home for the weekend.

      Rutgers joins the Big 10 next year along with MD that is two more major metros that now have a token in the game.

      This is national exposure and yes people back east do stay out late in bars on Friday night even more so than Saturdays.

      • sureshot32

        But Rutgers and Maryland aren’t going to be appearing in the BiG Championship game any time soon. You think people in NYC and DC care more about Ohio State vs. Wisconsin just because their local university is somehow connected?

  • pactenman

    I am not sure any team coached by Sark has to worry about when the conf championship game is played…….

    Just trying to find an up side

  • Tom Oday

    Doesn’t that mean if ASU, AZ, SU, or UCLA make it they get extra day of rest/practice if they face one of the other eight teams?

  • B.Miller

    Just be happy its not on the Pac 12 network!