• Joe Blow

    Too far from Big O car wash. Business is BOOMING. Much better than the $3k per DAY he’d be getting paid at SC.

    • Ray Reyes

      I keep coming back here because I want to see Gargamel turn this nonsense blog around. I guess that’s why Gargamel (Scott) has his fake posters, Bucket and Thai posting, to rile us all up. Really pathetic. Seriously, why so many post on FORMER coaches?

      • HeySuxx

        Lousy shades.

      • ThaiMex

        Ray “Chorizo” Reyes…aka “The Missing Link”…Why you capping on my “compa’ and me? We’re all cut from the same cloth. Heck, back in the day, we probably threw a few chonkla’s together at some Quinceanera!

        Ariba, abajo, al centro, y pa dentro! (loosely translated for all you non-ethnics….”Yo mama ain’t got no t!tt!es”. I’m serious this time.
        fit Un!

      • marvgoux1

        Why don’t you go to Control Freaks Anonymous and get help, Sybil?

  • Helen

    Why not Scottie? Because Orgeron is holding out for a head coaching position that he believes he deserves.

    • rusoviet

      You’re right Helen ‘but’ when? ‘If’ Ed understands his need to ingest some well deserved ‘humble pie’ then go down to the FBS II – Western KY passing on him is telling sad but still telling.

  • Chandler

    This is USC football. Please keep your articles and comments confined to such. Thanks in advance.


    • HeySuxx

      I’m doing my best, but most Succ fans can’t stand the truth, and as a result, throw sand like small whiney children in a playground sandbox.

  • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

    Why don’t you ask Ed Orgeron, rather than the readers, if he’s interested in the Alabama defensive coordinator position? You have access to him, right?

    Afterall, I remember you posting a video a few months ago of him saying something like “get your t!ts out of my face, Scott.”

    • HeySuxx

      Want to know what the problem is that prevents Succ fans from posting intelligent comments: Reading comprehension. Wolfie asked a simple question, relevant to Succ fandumm, that required, at most, a simple opinion: Yes, No, and Maybe. But, Can’t Lite His Own Pharts goes ballistic, and in the process confirms his semi-illeracy in stupid rant that would only make sense to a faithful Chihuahua, like CondummFan.

      • Jack B

        If Wolfie’s questions are so simple, why can’t he ever answer them? You simpleton Troll dudes just need to get a room with Wolfie and start a different bog. Call it Inside Kiffin or Trolls Love Wolfie. Idiot22 wants to join up too.

        • HeySuxx

          You are obviously a blockhead and immune to logical thought.

          • FightON

            Lulz. You are not the person to talk about logic. Ever.

            You brush up on your anatomy lessons yet, medulla?

          • rusoviet

            FightON – resist the need to respond to the cockroaches from bel-air tech – steel yourself – Mora ‘hamming it up’ with Snoop Dog is telling -0 it truly is i.e. pathetic ‘the doppleganger of Mark Wahlberg’ wants to be Pete Carroll – that poor clown truly does!

            “…what did Pete do in his 3rd year? Oh he won an NC? Ok then we need to win an ‘NC’!”

            Goooo ‘Mark Wahlberg’s doppleganger”

            Hey I just had a brain flash – did Mark Wahlberg’s doppleganger ‘know’ that Mark Wahlberg would be attending alst Sunday’s USC-UCLA basketball game? And if not why not? ‘or’ was the a’lleged’ sighting of ‘Mark Wahlberg’ REALLY Jim Mora?

          • HeySuxx

            Wow, 50,000 miles below Succ reality.

          • HeySuxx

            Don’t need to. You pretty much covered it for me. Thanks.

      • Ray Reyes

        Are you a USC fan HeySuxx? No. Then why are you here? Are you a master? Bater? Is this how you get off?

        • HeySuxx

          Yawn. Your own Succ family finds you tacky. You need a find a better hobby.

          • steveg

            Really thought you might have something to contribute, but no, you let us down again.

      • The Capper

        Good one Hayes. I probably speak for everyone on this blog when I say that we feel intellectually inferior when we read your thoughtful posts.

  • steveg

    Sounds like a great gig for coach O. Best of luck, enjoy the SEC.

    • Cloud Shaman

      would be a wise move for both Lane & Ed to have worked under two of the best college coaches in recent times. Also, Ed is from the South and Lanes wife is too. Great high profile positions to remove the stench of getting dogged by Pat Haden

  • Yale O. Leftwich

    D line coach is his notch,none better,can only be a plus and Bama will be blessed.

  • B.Miller

    Why would O want to go back to being an assistant in college?
    NFL next step?
    I doubt anyone hires a position coach as a HC.. first inline for HC positions are Coordinators.