A Kiffin Sibling SEC Rivalry

Lane Kiffin’s hiring at Alabama means he is now competing against his brother, Ole Miss defensive line coach Chris Kiffin. When Lane was hired at USC in 2010, Chris was hired as an administrative assistant. They are a lot closer in job titles today.

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  • Joe Blow

    And both have better job titles than Scott.

  • timtrojan

    Scotty’s 6 time daily FU to Kiffin. Talk about beating a horse to death.

    • Cheap seats

      With Kiffin landing his last gig, it’s Wolf who’s getting the finger everyday!

      • TrojanFan3.0

        Make that two fingers everyday!

        • Cheap seats

          2 fingers? I heard he can take the fist.


  • Marv Elapes

    We are going to take up a collection to buy Wolf a Kiffin Fat-Head for his bedroom wall. This should help relieve some of his frustration.

    • steveg

      Is there a Kiffin blow up doll we can get for Wolf to sleep with?

      • TrojanFan3.0

        Exactly what he needs…..Don’t let bucket find out

  • ProbationU

    Enough with Kiffin….we need some information about the upcoming “What’s your deal” NFC Championship Game. Pete’s team vs. Jimmy Harbaugh’s team. Looking like a classic. Will they shake hands at the end? Will Harbaugh go for a meaningless 2 pt. conversion? C’mon Scott…stretch yourself a little.

    • HeySuxx

      Little Petey Pom-Pom will blow the game. Little Petey is better known for his team’s losses not victories. Remember the time Succ just needed to mug Dorrell’s mediocre team (a 2 TD dog) to secure a berth in the BCS Championship game. But Little Petey blows the chip shot UCLA game. Dorrell was visibly stunned that UCLA prevailed, but what a sweet Bruin victory that was.


        It’s amazing what Carroll did with a team that Mora had such little success with.

        • HeySuxx

          Mora was HC in Seattle exactly one year, and didn’t have near the authority Seattle has invested in Little Petey Pom-Pom.

          • Marv Elapes

            Hahaha, the ruins could only wish for a crumb of the success Pete brought to the Land of Troy. And he’s showing them what a good team is supposed to look like in Seattle. He’s gonna keep Winning Forever, Fight On Pete!!!

          • TrojanFan3.0

            Still out in left field, pathetic!

      • TrojanFan3.0

        The slanted clam!

  • TrojanFan3.0

    Man crush!

  • Chandler

    How about some early info on the official visitors coming this weekend? Or is that too hard for you Wolf?

  • ThaiMex

    Dumb and Dumber….who’d have thunk it.
    fit Un!

  • Helen

    Oh great, now Scottie has a crush on three Kiffins – we’re gonna have to rename the site from “Inside Kiffin” to “Inside Kiffins”

  • B.Miller

    10 LAME KIFFIN STORIES IN THE PAST 3 DAYS! YAY WOLF.. Your doing an awesome job reporting on everything but USC