USC Number Of The Night

Tonight’s Galen Center attendance was 8,347.

“In this arena, there is an opportunity for fans to come in and make it a hospitable environment for us,’’ Arizona coach Sean Miller said.

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  • HeySuxx

    FYI Succ fans UCLA clipped Az State 87 -72.

    • Cheap seats

      We don’t care!

      Even if they lost, I wouldn’t celebrate.

      Nobody is miserable as you.

      • HeySuxx

        Is it something I posted?

        • Joe Blow

          It dodging the filthy Woodies situation. Admit it.

          • Trogan Fan

            who here was even alive then? Live in the past, ignore the present —> Yesterday U!

  • max

    Wow, how humiliating it must be to have an opposing team’s coach diss your stadium and “home” crowd.

    • Gollum-Wolf

      Not nearly as emasculating as that shirt is, minimum…

  • Trogan Fan


  • Joe Blow

    There are many reason SC fans don’t come out. #1-Don’t care that much about BB. #2-Team usually sux. #3-athletic dept sold seat lic and promised MANY other types of events….ALL BOGUS. #4-again athletic dept “promised” seat holders that they’d have those seats for every event…..LIE. Either make it GA or some stupid concert for bRuin type brains.

    Of course Scott is too busy getting inside information on Alabama football.

    • Cheap seats

      Isn’t the capacity around 10,000?

      From the look of Scotty’s photo (where he was really getting a shot of the yell leader), 8,000 packs the stands.

      I went to a game vs UCLA a year ago and the atmosphere was pretty good.

      They should really lower the ticket price though. I paid $60 for seats behind the basket and not going to pay that again for men’s BB.

  • Larry Harris

    How can that be?
    UCLA attendance was 8,003.
    More at Galen than at Pauley? Nah, must be a typro.

    • ProbationU

      Larry…I think you are missing the point. There were a lot of Arizona fans in the building, which is why the attendance was up,

      As enjoyable as it is to poke fun at Andy Enfield for his stupid comments, he inherited a mess. He has little to no talent on the team. They may go fast but unless they can put the ball in the basket and/or play decent D, it isn’t going to happen.

      Until he gets some talent, Galen is bound to be pretty empty except for the Arizona and UCLA games. People in LA won’t come to see bad teams and perhaps the students won’t even show if Haden offers free tickets.

      The product on the floor needs to be better and it needs to be entertaining.

      • Cheap seats

        I don’t know if you remember the sad sports arena, but I grew up seeing nothing but empty seats in the background.

        I lived near the O’Bannon brothers growing up and their high school teammate Avondre Jones ended up at SC. That was the only time I followed SC Basketball.

        • ProbationU

          When I was a kid it was before Pauley and UCLA played a lot of games at the Sports Arena and again 2 years ago before the remodel. Should be demolished.

      • Larry Harris

        Not really. Point is that be there Arizona fans or the Pope, mox nix. Galen outdrew Pauley yesterday! When did that last happen? UCLA has significantly dropped in attendance over the past years while the Galen scene has at least remained constant (LOL). Breaking news is as breaking news does.
        Regarding your comment that we have little or no talent on the team…I doubt that we are that good. KO tore us a new one.