When Is Last Time USC Defeated No. 1 Team?


USC plays No. 1-ranked Arizona tonight at the Galen Center. You want to know why Bob Boyd is the best coach in school history? Boyd was the coach the last time USC defeated a No. 1 team in 1970, when the Trojans upset UCLA,  87-86. It was the Bruins’ second loss ever at Pauley Pavilion. Boyd also defeated No. 1-ranked UCLA in 1969, the Bruins’ first loss at Pauley Pavilion.

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  1. In the years of each of Succ’s No.1 victories, UCLA won the NCAA Basketball NC; Succ, on the hand, didn’t make either NCAA tournament.

    • And Papa Sam was doing Nellie Belle in the locker room during the entire second half while filthy cheatin’ Woodie swore at the refs through his rolled up Pyramid of C R A P.

      • SG had nothing to do with UCLA winning the Pac 8 conference title that qualified UCLA for the NCAA tournament. In real Baskeball action Succ lost more conference games than UCLA as usual.

      • The Pyramid of feces you refer to is a more accurate description of Succ’s All-time Basketball futility .

        • That whole POS was total B S. Woodie was the biggest cheat of all time. Even his players admitted taking money. Dream On with your Football futility.

          • But Reggie Bush got caught and Little Petey Pom-Pom didn’t know squat. The net result is Succ FB sanctions and a Succ fan ready made excuse to blame really ugly Succ FB losses on. Succ: the 7 – 6 FB program.

          • Not from UCLA or Wooden, you dipshyt. Gilbert was a fan like you and me. The ncaa investigated and dropped the investigation citing there was no wrong doing by UCLA or Wooden.

          • Gotta love nubsie…the KING of Cut and Paste…..Really nice that his posts are “all” FACTUAL….All that stuff about John R. Wooden as well as the “your wife” part. It’s just more…”Hey look at me!”…”I need attention” from LIMBO U’s # 1 BLOWHARD, the same guy with the Yachts, mansions and private Jet Planes! Hey nubber…..When is Mora leaving to the NFL…or Texas? Hundley still going pro? When’s the last Time LIMBO U won anything? OPP’S I forgot you knuckleheads OWN Water polo and womens Crew!
            fit UN!
            (O.J.’s in trouble…maybe you could LOAN HIM half your Brain…it’s mostly unused anyway)

          • “I hate to say anything that may hurt UCLA, but I can’t be quiet when I see what the NCAA is doing (to other coaches) only because (they have) a reputation for giving a second chance to many black athletes other coaches have branded as troublemakers. The NCAA is working night and day trying to get (them), but no one from the NCAA ever questioned me during my four years at UCLA.”

            That quote comes from none other than Bill Walton, maybe the greatest Bruin of them all, in a 1978 book “Bill Walton: On the Road with the Portland Trail Blazers,” which went on to detail how Sam Gilbert, a Los Angeles contractor the feds allege made millions laundering drug money, bought a decade worth of recruits for UCLA. Now what?????

          • Of course you do…..

            And that is your college athletics, where corner cutting doesn’t make a guy a bad person; it makes him a successful coach.

            In Wooden’s defense, some, including Walton, have argued that he wasn’t aware of Gilbert’s largesse, or at most just looked the other way. But other coaches in Southern California at the time, most notably Jerry Tarkanian, laugh at that, claiming Gilbert proudly boasted of his payouts. Tark claims Gilbert once offered to pay one of his Long Beach State stars, Robert Smith, just because he liked the way he played.

            “You couldn’t be more obvious than Sam,” said Tarkanian. “He just laughed about it. Everyone in America knew.”

            Moreover, in a striking 2004 interview with Basketball Times, Wooden described confronting players Sidney Wicks and Curtis Rowe in 1969 about expensive new clothes he suspected Gilbert had purchased. “Did you get this from Sam Gilbert,” he asked. “I don’t like this.”

            “People want to say this is tainted,” Wooden told BT, before folding his arms in a rare bit of anger. “I don’t care. I don’t believe that.”

            Woodie WAS FILTHY.

          • Joey, you seem to suffer from UCLAmania. I don’t blame you, because UCLA is great University. If you want, I can send you a Bruin Porky hat.

          • How much more do you want? You’re school cheats and is filthy. So STFU. There’s a lot more where that came from, so STFU.

          • That is a maniac statement Joey, because Succ FB is currently suffering under NCAA sanctions – Not UCLA. You do know that don’t you?

          • Everyone wants so hard to love John Wooden, but at worst the guy was a massive cheater. At best… he was a cheater who looked the other way and “didn’t see” what was going on.

            Aw, screw it. There were a lot of good coaches and players who didn’t cheat who got screwed by this ‘legend’.

          • Joey, as far as I know I’ve never had a reason to mention John Wooden. When UCLA Basketball is the topic it’s hard to separate Its history from JW. Like you for instance, when you comment on this blog, it goes w/o saying, your comment is most likely a stupid Succ rant.

          • Like you’re some smart guy. You’re a turd that drinks the f ucla Kool Aid. Your wife is Kiffin’s FB

          • There you go douche!!! 1978 wooden had retired. And again you have no proof Wooden knew about it, and I don’t have proofvhe didn’t. The NCAA said UCLA was clean, and that’s the end of that. Go back to your triple cheese & bacon cheeseburger, before it gets cold.

          • Oh, so when Woodie asks his players if he got the suits from Papa, you’re telling me he doesn’t know about it? Laugh On!

  2. And I was there for UCLA’s first two losses at
    Pauley Pavilion, the famous slow down game and a second game that was a little

    In those days only the PAC – 10 champion went to the NCAA tournament, not multiple teams.

  3. Let’s hope Jon Wolcott gives the always interesting hypothetical “how many times out of 10 each current team would beat each other if they played” after the game tonight. Actually, I’ll just do it for him now. Arizona would win all 10.

  4. Who does your stats Mr. Wolf? Responding to your question (as opposed to all the mindless drivel of those below throwing excrement at one another), the most recent defeat of a No.1 team was during the ’00 season, not ’70. We played Zona at the SA when they were currently #1 in the nation. Can’t forget that game. I was one of the fools who rushed the floor. Never again!
    Thank goodness for my friendship with Jarvis (Turner) who saw me and led the way thru the pack of mad dogs at center court to safety. That team was one of my favorites…Bluthy, Clancy, Big Red, Granny, Trep, Nate Hair, and ‘Grampa’ (Jarvis).

  5. Nubsie….here’s something to chew on….A U.S. Post Office, and a PUBLIC SCHOOL, in the San Fernando Valley are named after John R. Wooden. College Basketballs John Wooden Award is awarded every year to the OUTSTANDING Men’s and Women’s COLLEGE basketball players. In contrast….The Pete Carroll or the John McKay , or the John Robinson award, post office or elementary school DO NOT EXIST! I wonder why that is? Maybe….Garrett was right when he suggested we are all jealous and wish we were torgans. HAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
    U Stupid Clowns…..will never get it.
    fit Un!

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