Hayes Pullard Returns For Senior Season

A rare case this season of a USC player returning instead of going pro. Hayes Pullard announced today he would return next year.



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  • Samtheman

    Come on Wolfie…where’s the negative spin…the “He wouldn’t come back if Kiffin were still here” or something along those lines??? You’re slow on the draw today…step your game up!

  • LamontRaymond

    Smart dude. Cool family, too. Met them snorkeling at Hanauma Bay prior to the 2010 Hawaii game. Had some fun stories to tell about how UCLA tried to steal him.

    • FightON

      Do share the stories. We would all love to hear.

    • marvgoux1

      That makes up for the shocking Davis news.

  • SaferInWestwood

    Wolfman how about BREAKING NEWS: word is SC really didn’t hire DLine coach Bo Davis, ALA did LMAO!!

    Oh boy Christmas all over again, now boys there’s plenty of candy cane to go around.. .


      Oh man, you are one pathetic loser!

  • Trogan Fan


    • TrojanFan3.0

      Did mom drop you on your head?

    • FightON

      You should take another hit for Hundley too. Did you see the LA Times article where Hundley’s parents confirmed that he would’ve been a top four pick (assurances given that he was placed in the first to fourth rounds)? Yet he’s staying? Come on, now.

      • Trogan Fan

        So what? You think he’s going to Barfly it? Maybe if his coach was Lane, but Mora will make sure his stock does nothing but rise. Just like he did with Barr.

  • Marv Elapes

    Glad to have your leadership back Hayes, Fight On!

  • Henry Bibby

    I can feel Wolfie typing this with absolute anger.

  • HeySuxx

    Pullard should probably re-evaluate his decision to stay in school in light of BO’s decision to ditch Succ’s FB program. He is better off getting paid for his work instead of toting Succ’s defensive barge for the glory of Succ.

  • Yale O. Leftwich

    Nice to read some good news,hope there are some others with his old style of values;started attending SC games in 1951…seniors dominated teams as everyone always stayed.They signed on to be loyal to their alma mater,not some other idea,player or coach.

  • B.Miller

    Great Decision.. Between Pullard, Hutchings, Dawson.. Sarao I feel great about the MLB spot