USC Morning Buzz: Ed Orgeron Update


There was a lot of talk Sunday night that former USC coach Ed Orgeron was close to joining Alabama. None were from any sources close to Orgeron and he was not in Tuscaloosa over the weekend as some claimed.

Orgeron is being very selective right now and not rushing into any jobs. He might end up at LSU before Alabama if he takes an SEC job but everything is in speculation mode right now. He made more than $1 million last season at USC so he is not desperate for money.

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  • Joe Blow

    Not desperate? Only an idiot throws away $3,000 per day over his ego.

  • steveg

    Please proof read and edit this Wolf. There is no mention of Kiffin at all.

  • Golden Trojan

    The fact that his wife and sons have lived in Louisiana through his entire stint at SC, he may want to be close to home for his next gig. Got to wish the guy well. He is in the big money college coaching circles.

    • gotroy22

      Yes it’s sad things didn’t work out after the glory of that Stanford win.

  • pactenman

    First USC football coach ever to be removed while dong well.
    He had to quit…..Haden effed the whole coach search and O will be better off sitting out a whole season than staying with USC. Not that he will have to.
    I still predict he gets a good college HC job within a year …and wins a major bowl before Sark does

    • Joe Blow

      Let’s meet up. I’d like to bet the farm with you.

      • pactenman

        The longest time between Rose Bowls for USC is 8 years (twice)….for them not to break that they would have to return to the Rose by 2017. Seriously not likely. It sucks, but We USC fans have to face the likelihood of the longest Rose Bowl drought in school history.

        • Joe Blow

          Sure, but that’s not what you said about O and Sark.

        • The Capper

          So you’re saying the Rose Bowl is the only “Major” bowl? If this is not correct please provide a list of what you consider a major bowl.

      • ProbationU

        40 acres and a mule?

        • Joe Blow

          I could never sell bucket’s wife.

  • Nigel Tottenham

    Professor Sanchez, I saw your coded message this weekend in another thread, but “WINO URINE”? Are you discounting Doug’s eye-witness testimony regarding the Beings? He may be a panhandler, but he seems relatively sober.

    And Doug had something urgent to tell me this morning on my way to the campus — that during my search for the symbols Friday morning, he saw a “big huge Chinese dude” watching me. A “big huge Chinese dude” — what the devil could that mean?

    • steveg

      This is sounding like a Cheech and Chong album.

      • Nigel Tottenham

        Did they sing songs about forgotten peoples and forbidden knowledge?

    • ThaiMex

      Have you already forgotten…”Eduardo “The Chinese Viking” Hernandez? He is still around, cold be him.
      fit Un!

  • B.Miller

    Weren’t you reporting Ed. O was going to Bama? Or was that more copy and paste reporting, and you not investigating details?

  • rusoviet

    Amongst the skills that Coach Orgeron provided, aside from his upbeat personality, was recruiting, it is why PC hired him.

    This is on Steve Sarkisian to step up and secure a quality coach to meet Troy’s needs – Coach O’s anger will simmer down and with it will come wisdom – reflection.

    This is a key recruting need by Troy and Steve knows it and shall meet it.