News Flash! Colin Cowherd Thinks Lane Kiffin To Alabama Is `Perfect’


Lane Kiffin lackey Colin Cowherd said on the Paul Finebaum show today he thinks Kiffin’s move to Alabama is a great hire.

“I think Nick is the only person that could hire Lane and get little push-back,” Cowherd said. “This is perfect. It’s ideal for Lane. I do think it helps Alabama.”

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    Photo courtesy of /r/cfb

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    Cowturd is such a Kiffin/Suckisian boot licker … everyone knows they smell as coaches and are a complete joke … but him and Herbstreet keep blowing their little dumb buddies.
    Cowturd knows coaching about as well as he does the NFL …. what was he 20-65 this year with his ‘ blazing pile of crap’ picks.

    • Joe Blow

      Right. People are soooooo dumb to hire these guys at different schools and pay huge salaries. There are so many better choices. You should become an AD or writer for the Daily News.

      • Goatboy Kiffin

        must be dumb … what kind of return are they getting hiring these morons ?????

        • Joe Blow

          A better return than hiring an idiot like you.

        • gotroy22

          Preseason #1 with 18 returning starters and a 4 year starter at QB and ending up 7-6, losing to the ruins and Irish and being unranked is considered “good coaching” by the rah rahs.

  • Henry Bibby

    Do you know who also thinks Lane Kiffin to Alabama is “perfect”? Nick Saban.

    Let it go Wolfie, he’s a good coach. You are a low level beat writer that couldn’t follow a simple rule. You actually wanted opponents of USC to know their injuries and prepare accordingly. That’s a snitch, not a sports reporter. Kiffin didn’t like that and you are still butthurt. Let it go, everyone else has. You look childish and immature otherwise.

    • gotroy22

      Lane Kiffin is a good coach ???? BWAAAAAAHHHHH!!

  • Independent_George

    Back to Kiffin . . . back to normal.

    You posted news about a USC athletic team three times in a row. I was getting worried about you.

  • FightON

    I see the Saban hire as I saw Belichick picking up Tebow. In the case of Tebow, it was a brilliant move because Brady was clearly the starter (no QB controversey) and Belichick is notoriously cold to the media so there would be no uproar. In the meantime, McDaniels could check Tebow out and perhaps play him in some interesting packages or use him as a tight end.

    Saban is the same way – he keeps a tight control of the program so Kiffin won’t have media or rule issues. Kiffin needs a strong presence to keep him in line and Saban will be that presence.

    Sorry that this hurts Wolfie’s feelings. But, really, move on Scott. Learn how to be a better beat writer, please.

  • Go Tama

    I came here to find out about USC and it’s all about Alabama, did I make a wrong turn ?

    • Independent_George

      Scott wanted to rename the blog “Deep Inside Lane Kiffin, with Scott Wolf”, but the DN editors thought that a bit icky.

  • Beto Torrealba

    Kiff is better at his job than Wolf is at his, but I’d probably say the same about any of you.

  • B.Miller


  • Marv Elapes

    If Wolf was an Offensive Coordinator, his play book would only have 2 plays, Kiffin Right, and Kiffin Left.

  • rusoviet

    Well if brings the tabloid press hovering around Tuscaloosa-AL instead of University Park-CA. I’d say it is a shrewd move by Saban and conversely I’d say this was a good move by Kiffin but it wasn’t man because he’s back in the SEC.

    It reeks of Kiffin’s inability to realize he needs to learn to eat some humble pie – take a full year off, get away from both the Pac-12 and SEC – no he won’t do that – instead it’s back where he fled from. The first failure of AL offense next year is going to be all on Kiffin and with the players leaving and the overall improvement shown by Auburn, MO, TX A&M and So. Carolina expect AL to hit a real rough patch which is probably one of the smartest moves by Saban to deflect well deserved questioning as the media itself blames AL’s new OC.

    Kiffin should have vanished for a year – he’s going to wish he had.

  • TrojanFan3.0

    Fuc wolf, no one gives a shlt….. move on!

  • ThaiMex

    coming from the mouth of the same guy who not to long ago proclaimed….”Lane Kiffin is the finest head coach in College football”…. I rest.
    fit Un!