USC Morning Buzz: Bo Davis, Claude Pelon Edition

Defensive tackle Claude Pelon did not start classes yesterday because of an academic issue. Pelon was the only one of five early enrollees who did not start classes yesterday.

Meanwhile, former assistant coach Bo Davis was at USC yesterday. He showed up for work, disappeared during a team meeting, returned after the meeting and cleaned out his belongings to end his one-week tenure.

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  • realtrojan

    I’m not going to lose sleep over losing an assistant on the team. Hey, who knows? The guy who’ll replace him could be much better. The guy was an unknown quantity to our team, anyway.

    • rusoviet

      Exactly – one week? I’m betting he had a huge inflow of homesickness – there is no place like Los Angeles cept’ New York. Better now than 2 mos. from now – better for him and Troy.

    • gotroy22

      Could be, but after the buildup we had about him bringing us recruits from the South I am very disappointed.

  • Trogan Fan

    There aren’t many times I will side WITH Trogans, but what a D-bag (Davis).

  • Bill Simons

    What a guy.

  • Helen

    Numerous coaching changes are going to occur in the near future and options will become available to fill this role. If Bo Davis jumped this easily then he would have done the same thing down the line – so better to get someone who will maintain some stability at USC.

    • gotroy22

      True but it leaves a huge hole right now with only 3 weeks left until signing day.

    • B.Miller

      Problem is Bo Davis loves Saban.. Been with him his whole career.
      When Bama DL coach went to Texas you knew Bo was going to be called upon by bama

  • Nigel Tottenham

    Professor, I received your overnight response, but what is a “Chinese viking”? Do you mean a Chinese seafarer? A voyager? Or a Polynesian — like the mysterious symbols! Yes, Doug the panhandler’s “big huge Chinese dude” could be a big, hearty Samoan fellow! But is he in league with the Beings leaving the nightly symbols? Why was he watching me?

    Here’s a funny coincidence. While searching online for Polynesian legends similar to gnomes and the like, I idly typed “Samoans” and “leprechauns,” and I found many stories related to players of American football for the University of Notre Dame, which I believe is the chief rival of USC!

    • Manti Teo leading a platoon of Yahoos?

      any reports of intellectual horsies around campus?

      • Nigel Tottenham

        Intellectual horsies? Is that an American football joke?

        • Huwhinyms.

          • Nigel Tottenham

            I’m afraid that I do not understand the sasquatchian tongue.

          • there goes my Jonathan Swift parody theory.

          • Nigel Tottenham

            Houyhnhnms? Is that what you were attempting to suggest? Have you no spell-check, sir? And I suppose you spell Geoffrey with a J!

            Do you think that Professor Sanchez and I are engaged in Swiftian satire in an attempt to amuse the dimwitted anoraks who frequent this blog? Do you think any man in his right mind would come here each day to waste his time posting episodes of some epistolary mystery story? I assure you, sir, that the Professor and I are risking our very careers by turning the light of Science upon the darkest shadows to reveal whatever harrowing Truth may be found!

  • Helen

    The curse of Ed Orgeron – is this the reason why USC can’t seem to retain a DL coach?

    • Helen, you seem to be excising more independent thought process lately….good for you. and you’re onto something here.

      i think it is entirely likely that chuba-lo-lo Davis took one look at the sour puss mugs on his D-line (still bitter from the exiling of CEO) and said “get me outta here!”

      the new Step Daddy is gonna have a hard time of it.

      oh, and HAWR-HAWR!!!

  • Go Tama

    Bo Davis has no character, he’s a little man who is where he should be, in the cheating SEC, which may be why he’s not at USC anymore ( Tosh Lupoi, cough )

  • Golden Trojan

    Davis has close ties to Saban, seems like a place he should have gone back to in the first place. Probably timing and miscommunication problem. SC people close to Orgeron should try to get him back.

  • David Keeling

    Needless to say we are left outside the loop on Bo Davis. Did he really ask to leave due to family matters, did Nick Saban ruthlessly just go after him when his own DC left for Texas? Who is Sark talking to now, Coach O again or wait for Lupoi? Not that Davis was that successful as a position coach, Texas defense was a mess these last 2-3 years and I do not remember any Texas D-linemen being singled out or being a top draft pick. Correct me if I am wrong on this.

    • David Keeling

      Whether Davis is a good coach or not, this is not a good time to be searching for a D-line position coach just a few weeks away from NSD!

      • FightON

        Davis was hired as a recruiting boost. That’s what makes him leaving tough.

    • ThaiMex

      O.K….I will….Sam Acho was a pretty good one

      As a freshman in 2007, Acho played in 11 games, recording six tackles
      and a sack. As a sophomore in 2008, he recorded 15 tackles and three
      sacks. As a junior in 2009, Acho became a starter, starting all 14
      games. He was an honorable mention All-Big 12 by The Associated Press
      after recording 55 tackles and eight sacks. Acho was the winner of the
      William V. Campbell Trophy (2010). This prestigious award is given to
      college football’s top scholar-athlete. In 2010, he was named as a
      finalist for the Lott Trophy. After the 2010 season, his teammates named him the MVP of the team.[1] In October 2010, the Sporting News
      named him one of the 20 smartest athletes in sports, a list that
      included 2 other college players and 17 professionals from the four
      major American sports.[2]

      But then, I can understand why you would overlook/not be interested in the accomplishments of a Scholar Athlete. LIMBO U…it’s the place to be!
      fit Un!

  • poor Dummies!! so hurt and betrayed!! dumped by a chubba-lo-lo after ONE WEEK!!!

    just adds to the punk job Kiff done to the trOXans!!

    Kiff is now in line for a possible ring, while the trOXans got Seven Win Sark!!

    now the wolfman can cover every Alabama victory while the trOXans sink deeper into the mire!!


  • B.Miller

    Bo Davis and “Family Issues”

    LOS ANGELES IS A BIG CITY… The Lights and glamour was probably a bit much for him to handle..

  • FightON

    Reign of Troy reporting that Sark contacted Georgia’s DL coach who turned down the offer.

  • Arturo

    Hope Pelon can still enroll.

  • ThaiMex

    There’s no grapes like SOUR GRAPES!
    fit Un!