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  1. Good for Charlie Strong and good for Steve Sarkisian. Have to say Wolf sure missed the boat on the other new hire Sarkisian made (Tim Drevno) unlike another columnist that works for the LA Daily News (Vincent Bonsignore) who wrote a great column published today in the Daily News – Torrance Breeze etc.. about the long (back-in-the-day) connection between Sark and Drevno.

    Drevno is a proven NFL coach who will leave the 49ers’ whenever they play out and arrive at University Park to take over the offensive line for Troy – compare this hire with what Kelly and Notre Dame announced yesterday – Brian VanGorden – a true retread who has been at 6 jobs in 12 years.

    Hey Scott take a look at a real writer who finds why Drevno was hired and the gain for the team.

    As for TX – man anyone who 1. brings his posse with him that fast or 2. has it there in place – is in for a shock as to buyer remorse.

    If Strong’s staff looks so good why didn’t he win elsewhere?

      • I guess for the same reason that Mark Doppleganger’s staff tanked against: OR, Stanford (once again) and AZ St.. Let’s hack ten recruits – three years in a row – from U Clowns Lost Again pathetic, storied program and see how they’d do.

        Now come back you moron with your usual bile of hate and envy and keep looking at your Cal State, [he)) you have 23 to choose from] in poli-sci you fool – you truly are a worthless leftist fool.

        Enjoy my reply = you’ll never hear another – now go do your ‘Occupy Beach Blvd.’ rally

          • TLL – you’re right he did ‘but’ Louisville is no different than Boise St.. I realize he’s proven himself and yes he brought his ‘posse; with him which is what Sark did save for Lupoi.

            Louisville is ‘in-bound’ (Fall 2014) to the ACC and that conference is justifiably terrified of losing: FL St., Clemson, VA Tech and Miami-FL to the Big 12 or SEC.

            I’d say Strong made a smart, shrewd move – so back to you – why does Sark deserve the smarmy retort by Wolf compared to TX? If anything TX is the assumed ‘dream job’ right?

            Let this ride and good luck to Strong ‘because’ I sense more and more the SEC’s rigged deck in getting a team into that BCS CG is over. Best is Slieve (SEC Commisioner) having to ‘kow tow’ to Saban and better yet that ‘white trash’ conference now has to play some decent OOC – no more of them thar’ FL A&M, TN-Chantanooga, S.E. MO St., Valdosta St., The Citadel etc..

            “I wish I was in de’ lan’ of cotton..potatoes ‘grautin’ …oh how rotten …look away…!” Yeah Leon Helms is a’ shakin’ in his tomb….

        • Don’t forget about the 30 recruits that Kiffen signed before the sanctions. Most of the shortages were because of transfers! Cry Baby U On!

      • Why didn’t Mora win elsewhere?

        You know when your first grade told you there is no such thing as a stupid question? Well, she was lying.

  2. I guess if there was a trophy for fastest staff assembled, Texas would win. But since there’s not, who gives a rip.

  3. Scotty, you need to get over the fact that The Capper hired Sark. It probably wasn’t who you wanted as a coach but it’s time to stop pouting and move on.

  4. This blog is incredible, the moderator is worse than the trolls, and the trolls are just jealous little guys looking for meaning as there is none at their little school.

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