• WEB_Dupree

    He should take the high road and become a sports agent.

    • rusoviet

      WEB see my initial post – it’s not what Lupoi wants but it’s what the 4th estate has always sucked up to: Roy Firestone, Jill Painter, the entire LA Times sports desk..Bob Costas heck you name it everyone is in on it – you know just a’ lovin Tom Hanks character in “Toy Story”.

      Hey how about a ‘cartoon serial’ of Tom Hanks character in Toy Story where ‘woodie’ decides it’s not right that he can’t drink real wine but has to imbide with Welch’s grape juice…woodie gets into a ‘lather’ and then suddenly yells ‘Sam

      Gilbert snuff them!”

      Don’t we all miss the ‘demi-god who once graced our fair land”? All we have left is the other half of this LA con job none other than ‘vin-dawg chevrolet’. Hey there, for all you the NHL fans, vin-dawg chevrolet has not only deigned to be there on the 25h January why he’s going to be the announcer for the game itself (with a lot of help from his spear carriers/slaves..’

      Everything for the ‘vin-dawg’…keep wagging your tail ‘vin-dawg’…yeah do it bra’

    • gotroy22

      Post of the year!

  • rusoviet

    Nah…he should see if Guerrero needs another docent to ‘guard’ woodies’ sarcophagus…

    woodie….the con…Sam Gilbert laughing at him….woodie ‘retires’….Gene Bartow replaces ‘Tom Hanks in Toy Story’ and confronts Gilbert…. Gilbert threatens Bartow’s life (funny how Gilbert never thought he ever had to do that to either ‘woodie’ or JD Morgan…wonder why….).


    • TrojanFan3.0

      O’ Nellie!!!

  • B.Miller

    Take a year off, and if everything clears up get back to coaching next year.. DUH!